Sac a dos ordinateur homme en cuir

The 10 Best Leather Laptop Backpacks for Men

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A useful fashion accessory for everyday use: leather laptop backpacks for men! We talk less about this model of backpack even though it safely carries our work tools. If previously, we saw vintage backpack models.

Today, Modalova offers you the 10 best leather backpacks for computers.

Your choice of backpacks for your computer will be clearer by the end of this article. We guarantee it!

10 / The Simon Carter computer bag

A computer bag style at €225, designed by Simon Carter. It is identified as one of the most basic models. It’s a handheld bag. Its practicality and durability are its strengths. Its design is like that of the leather messenger bag, but without the strap.

It is equipped with a silver zipper, a compartment to insert your laptop, and another compartment that serves as a document holder. 

According to Ryan Thompson, a fashion expert at Men’s Flair, “This Simon Carter computer bag perfectly balances functionality with elegance. The absence of a strap and the inclusion of specialized compartments underscore its utility for the modern professional, making it a subtle yet significant accessory”.

Sac ordinateur homme noir en cuir hove de la marque Simon Carter
Simon Crater’s leather computer bag

Since the bag is already sober and classic, opt for a look with soft colors. To go to the office, wear a pair of brown trousers with semi-class white sneakers and a V-neck sweater in beige or pastel pink that brings out the white collars of your shirt. 

9/ The minimalist Calvin Klein computer bag

Let’s move away from sobriety, Calvin Klein Leather Goods brings elegance with this rectangular computer bag. It is made of brown leather and is priced at €155. Similar to the previous model, but with a strap, you can confidently carry this bag to work. It has two handles and a removable shoulder strap, making it comfortable to carry to the office. 

Sac pour ordinateur homme minimaliste de la marque Calvin Klein Maroquinerie
Minimalist computer bag by Calvin Klein Leather Goods

To enhance your look with this bag, opt for a pair of navy jeans, a long-sleeved pastel blue shirt, and a pair of boots. Don’t hesitate to wear accessories like a watch or a bracelet.  

8/ The grained leather computer backpack by Smythson

To have your hands free, Smythson offers a lovely black Ludlow grained leather bag at €1345. You can slip in your belongings and your laptop. You can also take it to the city for a drink with friends. 

With a top handle and adjustable padded shoulder straps and black twill lining, you can carry it by hand or over the shoulder. 

Un des modèles de sacs à dos ordinateur  homme cuir grainé ludlow de Smythson
Grained leather backpack by Smythson

Be as chic as the bag itself. Therefore, wear a white turtleneck with a ¾ prince-of-wales print jacket, black tube pants, and smooth black platform boots. Such an exquisite look, we love it! 

7/ The X-Zone computer satchel

The model we’re going to present is an item from the X-Zone brand and is priced at €199. A brown satchel that is unisex, it also suits women. 

This satchel is made of 100% cowhide leather. It’s a very optional satchel, as it features a main zippered pocket, an inner pocket, a padded pocket, a cell phone slot, 2 handles, and an adjustable strap. Its options simplify the organization of your belongings. 

Sacoche pour ordinateur portable de couleur marron de chez X-Zone
Laptop satchel by X-Zone

Style your look by wearing white pants that reach the ankle, a short-sleeved mustard yellow shirt, with dark-colored boat loafers. 

6/ The GG Supreme computer backpack

We all know Gucci for its bags that are both urban and glamorous. Like the GG Supreme backpack priced at €1790. The size of this model is 43 cm, ideal for inserting a laptop.

This satchel is a tote bag for its voluminous space.

This bag is made from several materials, including calf leather, which gives it its robustness and durability. It has 2 adjustable padded straps, a top handle, and a front flap with a buckle closure. Its patterns all over give it a casual touch. 

Sac à dos ordinateur homme GG Supreme de la marque Gucci
GG Supreme computer backpack by Gucci

To go to work, it is ideal to wear this bag with a pair of camel trousers, a white and blue striped jumper with boots or semi-class sneakers. For a daily look, you can wear it with shorts, a white t-shirt, and sandals or kittos. 

5/ The Pikolinos leather computer backpack

There’s nothing better than having a comfortable backpack to carry.

This is what characterizes the leather backpack from Pikolinos, priced at €270. It has 2 external pockets and a small inner pocket, 2 adjustable straps, and a buckle clasp. 

The bag itself is elegant. For this, make sure your outfit complements it well. Wear a white knit sweater, khaki trousers, and boots from Dr.Martens. 

Sac à dos noir homme en cuir balsares MHA de la marque Pikolinos
Leather backpack by Pikolinos

4/ The Gaspard zipped computer backpack

The brand Le Tanneur is very qualified for the high quality of its leathers. The black Zipped backpack from this brand combines convenience and simplicity. 

Priced at €279, this bag is made of cowhide leather and canvas. It of course includes a padded computer pocket; adjustable straps, and a silver finish metal accessory.

You are free to choose your outfit. 

Sac à dos noir homme de couleur noir en toile et en cuir de chez Le Tanneur
Black backpack from Le Tanneur

3/ The waterproof computer backpack by Rains

Having a computer backpack is good! Having a waterproof computer backpack is even better!

To keep your personal belongings and your laptop dry, waterproof is the material you need. 

This bag from Rains at €95 consists of a main compartment, a front pocket, and a roll-top closure with an adjustable strap.

Sac à dos noir imperméable de la marque Rains
Waterproof black backpack by Rains

Pair this bag with your everyday outfit. A denim jacket, black trousers, and a pair of high-top converse will do. 

2/ The backpacks by Michael Kors

The backpacks range from Michael Kors is very trendy these days. Their colors and designs remind us of high school years.

Their bags are casual, ideal for wearing to school or around town.

The compactness of this leather model ensures the carrying of multiple items including your computer. It has 2 external pockets, a buckle and closure, and 2 internal pockets. 

Sac à dos backpacks bicolore de la marque Michael Kors
Backpacks by Michael Kors

Opt for the streetwear look! Its print is bright. So, dare to wear colors! Sneakers, and oversized clothes will complement this bag wonderfully.

1/ The Viquel backpack with computer compartment

And last but not least!

The latest very trendy model from Viquel. It is equipped with a computer compartment and cushioned adjustable straps, for only €59. It is water-resistant. The combination of different materials gave it its original and chic design. 

For the look, choose a white t-shirt with a leather perfecto, a pair of black jeans, and sneakers or black converse.

A total black look would also be perfect. 

Sac à dos noir avec compartiment ordinateur de la marque Viquel
Backpack with computer compartment by Viquel

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