Vêtements brodés : une nouvelle tendance à suivre ?

Embroidered Clothing: a New Trend to Follow?

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Embroidery is not just for grandmas. At least, not anymore. With the rise of vintage and customization, a new trend is emerging in the personalized clothing market: embroidery on clothing. Under the needle and thread, t-shirts, sweatshirts, and even panties are transformed into a poetic version of traditional clothing. Sweet words, statements, funny drawings… embroidery is becoming a new signature, one that highlights individuality. But in all of this, can we talk about a new trend? We will try to answer this question by decoding the subject: explanations, characteristics, pioneering brands… An overview of a new movement: embroidered clothing.

Personalized clothing: a new phenomenon?

Personalizing clothing consists of adding a logo, a message, a design, or a word to a basic garment such as a t-shirt, sweatshirt, polo shirt, tank top, or an accessory like a cap, scarf, or even panties. And while the principle remains the same, it is the technique used that differentiates one personalized garment from another. Among the most popular techniques are screen printing, digital printing, and embroidery. And if there is one textile printing method that stands out, it’s embroidery. With nearly 22 million posts under the hashtag #embroidery and popular accounts like Badass Cross Stitch and its 160,000 followers, it is clear that there is a strong interest in this DIY activity among people of all ages.

Embroidery is making a comeback. More and more people are rediscovering the pleasure of creating with their own hands. And it must be said that embroidery offers many possibilities for inspiration: cross stitch, stem stitch, French knots, color play, poetic motifs, activist messages… With customization, clothing becomes a canvas on which we weave our aspirations, desires, and dreams.

kit broderie 1
Embroidery Kit. Source: Unsplash

With the rise of DIY and a taste for craftsmanship, brands have positioned themselves on a relatively new credo: embroidered clothing. By selling hand-embroidered t-shirts, sweatshirts, and accessories, these labels appeal to a young audience in search of identity who appreciate well-made products, French craftsmanship, and social engagement. And it is in this sense that a new form of personalized t-shirts is emerging: clothing with a positive impact. Gone are the messages like “complainer,” “sulker,” or “hottie,” now the words are an ode to love, femininity, or empowerment. The goal? To assert rights and restore confidence to those who wear embroidered clothing.

Embroidered clothing: the main characteristics

The importance of upcycling

Upcycling is the process of reusing materials to give them a second life. Upcycled clothing is therefore clothing that has already been worn but is reused and transformed to give it a new shape, purpose, and utility. Embroidered clothing is generally part of the upcycling trend. Young brands scour vintage shops for hidden treasures or source textiles that have never been commercialized and carefully revalue them with their skilled hands. The result is a fashion piece that takes on a new identity and tells a story. It is a true creative process that is part of a circular economy approach.

Customization as a craft

Another characteristic of embroidered clothing is the craftsmanship.

Embroidery on clothing celebrates craftsmanship, hand sewing, and the pleasure of meticulous work. Embroidery is an ancient art that dates back to antiquity. By using this textile printing technique, embroidered clothing brands seek to restore the reputation of this forgotten method by highlighting the refinement and precision that this art requires. As a result, hand-embroidered clothing is a guarantee of quality and finesse. To some extent, wearing them is a way to support craftsmanship.

Cross stitch as a spokesperson

A t-shirt as a means of expression? Yes, it’s possible. And that’s what you can experience if you get one of these hand-embroidered t-shirts. As mentioned earlier, customized clothing is taking a new direction: engagement. Embroidery is the tool to achieve this. It is not uncommon to see activist words, motifs representing women’s bodies, or drawings that break the taboo around menstruation being stitched onto clothing.

On the other hand, there are also light and poetic motifs for those who do not want to publicly display their activism. Hearts, flower bouquets, animals, wordplay, hamburgers, the planet… The message can also be playful.

Customization as a playground

One last thing to know about embroidered clothing is the possibility of customizing your garment. Yes, what would a customized garment be if you couldn’t add the little message that is dear to you?

In our society, there is a growing demand for identity affirmation. In the world of fashion, this means wearing clothing that reflects our personality and adopting a style that is true to who we are, far from the codes of fast fashion. In other words, we increasingly aspire to resemble ourselves, and not our neighbors. This is why personalized services are becoming popular.

Personalizing clothing gives it a soul, a symbol, and adds value to it. And in the world of embroidered clothing, this service takes on its full meaning. In concrete terms, you can request to have a photo, a message, a word, or a drawing embroidered, and the seamstresses will interpret your work on the garment you have chosen. Pretty cool, right?

Bonus: Should you follow the trend of embroidered clothing? Our opinion on the matter

To answer the question, we can already affirm that there is a clear increase in consumer demand for vintage and customized clothing. Thrift stores, second-hand platforms, and DIY have never been as trendy as they are today. Embroidered clothing meets this need, but the trend is not yet clearly identifiable. Even though there is interest, the offer on the market is still limited.

On our part, we think that getting pieces with embroidery is a great idea! Discover three advantages that we attribute to embroidered clothing:

  • A differentiating factor: tired of wearing soulless clothes? By deciding to dress in embroidered clothing, you allow yourself to have style. Whether it’s small or large embroidery, colorful or not, fun or activist, it inevitably adds dimension to the outfit. Ultimately, it’s the detail that makes the difference.
  • Support for emerging creators. Brands that offer embroidered clothing are relatively young. By wearing their creations, you are supporting them in their entrepreneurial endeavors. But you are also supporting a know-how and an economic model that has a future.
  • A way to consume differently: limited quantities, reclaimed fabrics, sourced materials… Embroidered clothing is part of a responsible approach. Buying a customized piece is, in a way, fighting against the fashion industry, a good way to take another step towards a more engaged fashion.

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