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Hair Accessories: 5 Trends to Adopt This Summer!

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Discover how to achieve the perfect hairstyle with these hair accessories this summer. We’re sharing all our secrets for mastering barrettes and scrunchies like an expert!

Fashion is a never-ending cycle! Who would have predicted the comeback of 90s hair accessories? After being seen on all the catwalks of the latest Fashion Week, scrunchies and barrettes are flooding social media.

This year, we’re embracing body positivity and saying goodbye to the perfect body… and hello to the perfect hair!

What are the hair accessories?

Rhinestone barrettes

The BCBG look is back… and trendy with the return of the small barrette.

With rhinestones, bling-bling logos or baroque designs, the barrette is on the heads of all the influencers!

For a softer look, clip a small rhinestone barrette on one side of your hair.

For an extra touch of craziness, don’t be afraid to add two or three barrettes to bring a more fun side to your hair.

The barrette is the accessory of the summer, so let’s have fun with it and adapt it to suit all our moods!

The headband

The Sunday churchgoers don’t have a monopoly on headbands! Also trendy this year, the famous headband is making a comeback after being stored away for (too?) many years.

Popular since Roman times, the headband served as a jewel to enhance one’s appearance. Its sexy image, popularized by Brigitte Bardot, disappeared in the 90s. It became outdated and was only worn by well-behaved and boring little girls from good families, who weren’t really in fashion.

Choose a padded and colorful headband from ASOS DESIGN… in 2022, the headband is no longer just for good girls!

The scarf bow

With its sexy and light effect, the scarf bow is the accessory you want to wear for a car ride on the way to the beach.

The pattern is what will make all the difference. Choose a pale, blue, or white scarf bow for a romantic effect. If you want to add a touch of pep to a too sober outfit, opt for dynamic colors like red or gold.

Also, match your scarf bow to the color of your eyes. A beautiful green will enhance hazel eyes, while a white scarf bow will highlight emerald eyes. If you have blue eyes, go for turquoise or pink tones.

Fashion Bonus: How to wear the headband?

A variation on the scarf bow, the headband can be worn in two ways:

  • Headband style: The front of the headband is placed on the top of the head while the back of the headband is covered by the hair
  • Winter style: The headband is placed on the head and can cover the ears (useful if it’s cold)

We love the spring headband from Dolce & Gabbana available on Modalova

The scrunchie

The scrunchie has been resurrected… and we choose it carefully!

Seen on the catwalks of fashion designers during Fashion Week, the scrunchie is back in full force in this summer’s trends.

It can be worn retro-style in a ponytail, a little wild on vacation, romantic in a bun, or for a more hipster vibe, in a messy bun on the top of the head.

Choose the luxury yellow sponge scrunchie from Prada or the floral it-scrunchie from Shein.

The 90s are back, but we can still skip the velvet scrunchie, which can stay in your closet!

Hair clips

If you’ve kept your plastic hair clips from your teenage years, you did the right thing!

Since a few influencers brought them back into style, hair clips are the trendy accessory of this summer!

From fluorescent clips reminiscent of the 90s to more chic acrylic resin clips from the Alexandre De Paris shop, the choice is endless!

For a night out, opt for a large gold clip that emphasizes a perfect hairstyle.

How can you stand out even more?

Playing with barrettes or a scarf bow to spice up your outfit is great, but making your own accessories or customizing them is even better. We explain how to reveal your personality by having fun with DIY in this article

Beautiful for accompanying a summer outfit, taming a neckline, or adding dynamism to an outfit, hair accessories are the trend to follow right now.

Embrace the carefree and colorful look of the 90s on the beaches this summer with hair accessories!