Tendance maillot de bain SHEIN

How to be trendy this summer without breaking the bank?

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A few days before your summer getaway, discover the brands’ good deals to pack your sunny suitcase at low prices. Between promotional offers and the opening of pop-up stores, we’ll tell you all about the current deals, so you can be on top of the summer trend.

Adopt the perfect look for this summer!

As every year, when July arrives, there’s a desire to succumb to new pieces… Either to replace a swimsuit that’s falling apart from slides and jumps in the creeks. Or to fall for crochet tops and linen pants, to be trendy this summer. The temptations are many, let’s admit it…

In order to create your vacation lookbooks without blowing your budget (you still need to have enough to pay for afternoons at the beach club), private sales and sales become the must-attend event every summer. Each brand offers its best deals, allowing you to find the perfect little dress to stroll around Crete.

Summer 2022 trend SHEIN outfit
Source: SHEIN

June marks the beginning of the marathon. And if you are subscribed to newsletters or proudly own a loyalty card from your favorite brands, you will soon receive the eagerly awaited invitations to private sales!

The SHEIN pop-up store: the new trendy place this summer

Surfing on the latest trends, the brand SHEIN offers a variety of pieces that enhance all silhouettes and personalities. Between trendy clothes and accessories, both lightweight and colorful, discover the pieces from the spring-summer collections on sale at -85% from June 22 to July 19, that will enhance your beauty. And if you are already thinking about your looks to shine from Ibiza to Cuba, SHEIN is organizing private sales starting from June 15, with pieces on sale at -70%.

With the aim of offering a different customer experience, SHEIN is coming to meet its customers by creating pop-up stores. After Paris, Marseille, and Toulouse, the new SHEIN pop-up store is coming to Montpellier, from June 21 to 25, on the second floor of Polygone: 1 rue des Pertuisanes, 34000 Montpellier.

SHEIN swimsuit trend
Source: SHEIN

This is the perfect opportunity to discover clothing, swimwear, and accessories, in order to create radiant outfits and be trendy this summer, all at affordable prices!

Rethinking fashion

In an era where the relationship with fashion is at the center of discussions, the brand has decided to implement a clothing recycling program. Within the SHEIN pop-up store in Montpellier, you will find a space called SHEINACT, where you can give a second life to the clothes you no longer wear.

Rethinking consumption is more necessary than ever today, both in terms of the quantity of purchases, the preservation of pieces, their maintenance, and their life once we no longer wear them.