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Organic and Natural Makeup: Where to Find the Best Products?

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We want the best for our skin, and often, that means organic and natural makeup.

But with greenwashing, beauty promises, and influencers, it’s hard to navigate the latest makeup trends.

Our goal at Modalova is to help you find the best beauty sites to shine and take care of yourself.

As a fan of natural products, it is only natural for me to share with you one of my favorite sites to find the best green cosmetics.

This is why I can’t resist telling you about the site MoncornerB which allows you to shop the crème de la crème of organic and natural makeup with ease and confidence.

Why choose organic and natural makeup?

For a long time, we used makeup without paying much attention to the ingredients. But that was then! You deserve the best, and that’s why MoncornerB helps you find your organic makeup that will enhance your beauty while caring for the planet.

Why choose organic and natural makeup? Because the skin is a living organ and absorbs ingredients quickly.

Organic cosmetics are more respectful of your skin, the planet, and do not contain harsh chemical agents that can be harmful to the skin in the long run.

Take foundation for example, unlike conventional makeup, organic makeup will allow the skin’s pores to breathe. This will help limit allergic reactions or breakouts.

Brands are very careful to be transparent about their products to a demanding clientele, which is why they use only essential oils, vegetable wax, and natural butter. Don’t hesitate to check the ingredient list when shopping and keep in mind that the simpler the composition, the better!

maquillage bio et naturel

How to choose your organic makeup?

Avoid greenwashing! Organic and natural makeup means: a 100% natural composition, effective and not tested on animals.

To help you find the product you’re looking for, MoncornerB offers you a personalized shopping experience.

  • Shop by ingredients

Become a beauty expert by shopping based on the ingredients you want. Hyaluronic acid that plumps, anti-dullness vitamin C, or antioxidant vitamin E. These super ingredients have well-defined properties and will save you time.

  • Shop according to your beauty needs

Dehydrated skin, first wrinkles, dull complexion… you know your problem, so don’t waste time, click directly on your beauty concern to see all the products that match your needs.

  • Shop according to your values

Are you vegan and want to naturally adapt your makeup to your lifestyle? It’s easy by going to the vegan tab on the site. No need to sift through all the product compositions you’re interested in, go straight to the point by buying certified vegan products.

Special mention to the pregnant women tab. Indeed, pregnancy requires adopting an even healthier lifestyle and here too, you can trust MoncornerB to help you choose the best cosmetics.

MoncornerB: the platform that finds the best green makeup for you

Because it’s not easy to navigate greenwashing or critically assess the hundreds of beauty products claiming to be natural, there’s nothing better than a site made by a beauty expert, a chemist by profession who knows exactly how to advise you.

MoncornerB is THE platform to shop your organic and natural makeup with confidence.

In addition to offering fun, ecological, and healthy brands, the site provides tutorials, tests, and advice to help you become a green beauty expert yourself.

How are the products selected?

All MoncornerB products are selected for their health benefits and ecological properties. MoncornerB is durably committed to the planet and women’s beauty by highlighting young, innovative, and artisanal brands.

All products are chosen for their beneficial effects on the body. Modern colors and the diversity of beauty are emphasized, as well as the composition and conditions of use.

Indeed, beauty should always rhyme with creativity. MoncornerB’s organic and natural makeup is joyful, optimistic, and committed!

Featured image: © rafaelladiniz / unsplash