Femme qui porte un blouson en cuir noir dans la nuit

The plus-size women’s leather jacket: embrace the leather trend with style!

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Having a plus size women’s leather jacket in your wardrobe allows you to have style and stay on top of women’s fashion. Timeless, essential and timeless, you can adapt this jacket for any occasion and season.

If you are looking for a guide on classic women’s leather jackets, you’ve come to the right place!

Whether they are bomber jackets, down jackets, motorcycle jackets, bombers or others, pair them with the right outfits for an unparalleled look. 

Also known as oversized jackets, plus size leather jackets for women can be worn with a casual outfit as well as a chic outfit. Whether it’s a simple look or a more sophisticated style, this item works with everything. Here’s what you need to know before buying your plus size leather garment

Prerequisites for buying a plus size women’s leather jacket! 

How to wear a plus size women’s leather jacket?

Your choice of plus size women’s leather jacket largely depends on the rest of your outfit. Generally having a straight cut and long sleeves, it is usually worn with a more fitted and snug outfit.

  • To give you just one example of a casual outfit, imagine a pair of ripped skinny jeans, a basic form-fitting t-shirt, and sneakers. Add a down jacket or an oversized bomber jacket in a fancy or vibrant color like orange to your outfit.

This instantly adds a much more fashionable and streetwear touch to your outfit.

Black oversized leather jacket worn by a woman
Oversized leather jacket from AllSaints
  • On the other hand, larger models are usually worn with a shorter outfit such as a tight-fitting feminine mini dress or a pencil skirt and a ribbed knit sweater. Who said that plus size women’s jackets and coats don’t go well with a more chic and elegant outfit? Aviator jackets and biker models are suitable for this style.
Rose oversized jacket from Asos Design
Lilac oversized jacket from Asos Design

What about colors when choosing your plus size leather jacket?

Here, light colors are more appropriate. Beige, cream, and sky blue are to be avoided. That being said, black, brown, and white leather models are not forbidden. To give you an idea of a chic outfit with a jacket model, imagine black tailored pants, a white shirt or a simple blouse, a pair of brown heels, and a brown bomber or motorcycle jacket.

You can also opt for a casual-chic style by swapping your heels for sneakers.

Cream oversized biker jacket worn by a woman
Cream biker-style jacket from Morgan

What types of materials for your plus size leather jacket ?

Among the plethora of existing leathers, including cowskin, horse, goat, lamb, buffalo, suede, hairy, or others, some are heavy and others are lighter.

For a jacket, you have to consider the material. Soft materials are the most suitable. For example, for your blazer-style jacket, prefer smooth and supple leather, which will make it more comfortable.

Talking about comfort, choose the lining of your model wisely. Faux fur, wool, suede, and polyester are the popular materials for lining jackets.

Synthetic leather or two-tone models are also practical. Among these materials, lamb leather is the most recommended. Whether it is quilted, zipped, or buttoned, opt for an embroidered model for your most feminine outfits. Because even though lambskin is a soft, smooth, and lightweight material, it is of good quality and can withstand embroidery.

Woman wearing a black lamb leather jacket
© Giorgio & Mario

Or, if you want your jacket to stand out, choose a printed model. Also, your jacket can be studded, buttoned, adorned with some rhinestones, sequins, and glitter to emphasize femininity. Moreover, there are white, black, dark colors, bright colors, and light colors models.

You can also adopt a sporty look by opting for a lamb leather jacket in a windbreaker style.

The selection of the best plus size women’s leather jacket brands chosen by the editorial team!

Among the leading brands that offer plus size women’s leather jacket models are:

  • ASOS Design

This brand offers various clothing models for women. Among its collection, it offers a zippered and belted oversized leather biker-style jacket, perfect for a vintage look.

For the rest of the outfit, opt for a low-rise leather skirt and a cropped top showing your midriff. Alternatively, go for leather pants to match your jacket.

Very sexy style of a woman in an oversized black leather jacket
Oversized leather jacket from Asos Design
  • Emory Park

You also have this brand that offers a multitude of stylish items. Among the sophisticated models it offers, there is a biker-style jacket with a cow print.

You can adapt it to any trendy look. For example, with solid-colored pants and a tank top. Or with jogging pants and a sports bra. You can also wear it with a skater skirt and a bustier.

Otherwise, wear a simple dress and ankle boots. You have a wide choice of outfits to wear with this truly versatile jacket. You just have to choose the right colors.

Woman wearing an oversized cow print jacket
Oversized cow print jacket from Emory Park

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