La story d’une bague montre fait 3,7 millions de vues sur TikTok

The story of a ring watch garners 3.7 million views on TikTok

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In 2022, TikTok amassed nearly 9 million interactions on the fashion theme. #Fashion, #Style, #Challenge, and #OOTD (which stands for “Outfit Of The Day”) are among the most popular hashtags. It must be said that the social network loves to highlight “lifestyle” content, such as “vlogs.” This format is particularly popular with fashion influencers who use it to parade in front of the camera or “unbox” products. It is precisely the “unboxing” of a watch ring that caused a stir on the TikTok planet these days. With more than 3.7 million views, the shockwave is still being felt.

UPDATE 14/06: A previous version of this article stated that Éloïse Delhaye had purchased the ring on Modalova. This was a mistake. The influencer bought the ring from the Fossil website, which is a partner brand of Modalova :)

Influencer Éloïse Delhaye Unboxes a Watch Ring

Who is Éloïse Delhaye?

It was on YouTube that the young woman, now 24 years old, started at the age of 13. Her videos, which initially talked about hairstyles, gradually evolved into more lifestyle content. Her 113 YouTube videos document various aspects of her private life, such as moving into her new apartment, her renovations, and managing her emotions. Originally from Lille, Éloïse Delhaye worked in the ready-to-wear sector during her studies. With a total of 260,500 subscribers (167K on YouTube, 48.6K on TikTok, and 45K on Instagram), the influencer is now a digital strategy consultant. She also teaches in several schools in northern France.

Éloïse Delhaye’s Unboxing Video: A Shockwave

“I bought myself a watch ring (…) from the Fossil brand.” These words mark the beginning of Éloïse’s video as she unpacks the package. “It’s super cute,” she says upon discovering the jewelry. After trying the watch ring on her thumb, she finally decides to wear it on her index finger: “On the index, it’s super stylish,” she adds.

Subtitled “Being able to tell the time with the middle finger = living for the cameras”, the video has garnered 3.7M views on TikTok. A shockwave. 437 people have commented on it, and 147.1K have liked it. In the hours following this unboxing, the websites of Modalova and Fossil, the manufacturer, saw their stocks of this model (gold color) run out. However, the jewelry remains available in silver and rose gold… for now. Indeed, 9123 internet users have added the post to their favorites, suggesting future mass purchases of the precious jewelry!

@eloisedelhaye being able to tell the time with the middle finger = living for the cameras #fyp #watchring #jewelry ♬ Monkeys Spinning Monkeys – Kevin MacLeod & Kevin The Monkey

Modalova Responds to Éloïse Delhaye on TikTok

Victoria, Modalova’s CM, Collage Video

Taking advantage of the buzz created by Éloïse Delhaye’s unboxing, Vicky, community manager at Modalova, responded to the influencer. Using the platform’s “collage” feature, she combined the two videos into one. We see Victoria, aka Vicky, going to the Modalova website and buying the famous watch ring. In “face cam,” she addresses the Lille native: “I am easily convinced anyway. But here, Éloïse, the ring is really incredible. Best find.” Riding the wave of the initial video, this collage reached 550.5K views and 35K likes. Again, 4943 people have saved the post to their favorites, intending to return to it later. Among the 50 comments, several say: “I want it” and “unboxing” in response to the CM who asked in the video if TikTok users wanted her to make an unboxing video in return.

@modalova #collage with @Eloise Delhaye Thank you Éloïse 🙏😍 #watchring #fyp ♬ Monkeys Spinning Monkeys – Kevin MacLeod & Kevin The Monkey

Vicky’s Unboxing Video

Victoria begins by presenting the beautiful jewelry box. On the very high-quality box, it reads “watch ring” (which means “watch ring”). “Look at the beauty of this ring!” exclaims the community manager. With 61.6K views and 6558 likes, the unboxing video of the order ignites the crowds. Again, 858 people save the post to their favorites. The comments show very strong community engagement:

  • “Is the ring adjustable?”
  • “Is the size unique, or can you choose it?”
  • “What is the price of the ring?”
  • “Is it available in silver?”
@modalova Reply to @Talyalayani HERE IT IS, my new favorite accessory haha! What do you think? ⌚️💍 #watchring #fossil ♬ original sound – Vicky

The Fossil watch ring is on its way to becoming a best-seller.

What About the Watch Ring, the Jewelry That’s Making Waves?

Born from a meeting between jewelry and watchmaking, the watch ring combines the aesthetics of a ring with the practicality of a wristwatch.

We Fall for Its Look

Elegant and unusual at the same time, the watch ring adorns your hand and enhances your outfits. Classic or trendy, timeless or sophisticated, this must-have adapts to your style and your day mood. Wear it on any occasion, daily or for an event.

We Wear It for Its Comfort

One of the advantages of the watch ring is being able to tell the time without having to roll up your sleeves. And that, in winter, is worth its weight in gold! The same goes for when your hands are full. Moreover, when accompanied, you can look at your watch dial discreetly without seeming rude. Finally, the watch ring offers total freedom to your wrist. Forget about sweating and bracelet allergies: your skin breathes.

For now, the Fossil watch ring is still available in silver and rose gold on the Modalova website. However, the 14,924 post saves suggest record sales of the product. Rest assured: if the now-iconic jewelry were to run out of stock, a selection of other watch rings is available to shop on the Modalova site. Take note!

Cover Image: © Fossil