Prendre soin de sa peau en hiver : 3 conseils à appliquer

Taking Care of Your Skin in Winter: 3 to Follow

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Winter is the time of year when the skin is put to the test. Between dryness, temperature variations, dry climate and cold air, the epidermis can quickly become dry and tight. But don’t worry, dry skin in winter is not inevitable. By applying a few basic principles, you should quickly give your skin a boost and avoid dryness caused by the drop in temperatures. In this article, we share 3 key tips to take care of your skin in winter. 

Focus on hydration to avoid epidermal dryness

Skin dryness is one of the main causes of dry skin in winter. During this time of year, the skin on our face is largely exposed to temperature variations and climatic whims: cold, wind, dry air, lack of humidity, indoor heat exposure, etc. All of this directly affects our epidermis for two reasons. 

The first reason is that to limit heat loss, our body prioritizes irrigating our vital organs. Extremities like the facial skin, hands, or feet come second, which can eventually lead to dryness. 

Secondly, when our skin is exposed to the cold, the hydrolipidic film that usually protects our skin decreases by almost half. Our epidermis then produces less sebum, which also leads to skin dryness characterized by dry skin, tight skin, redness, chapped lips, etc.

To counter these natural phenomena and support your skin during this difficult period, the first advice is to think hydration. For this, you can drink more, but also adopt a more nourishing beauty routine. Make sure to respect your skin’s needs. Some epidermises need a cream rich in nutrients, while others require oils. But to make everyone happy, there’s nothing like a good hydrating mask to prevent dehydration, such as those from shop-pharmacie.fr.

Adopt a beauty routine to take care of your skin in winter

More than ever in winter, a beauty routine is important to take care of your skin, protect it from the outside temperatures, and allow it to be radiant even when the air is dry and fresh. 

You can, for example, incorporate skin exfoliation into your weekly routine. This will allow your skin to get rid of dead cells and for products to penetrate better. However, since the epidermis is more fragile, do not repeat this action more than twice a week to avoid irritating the skin. 

If you feel that your skin is dry, consider changing your makeup remover. For example, if you use a foam cleanser for the rest of the year, maybe an oil or a richer cream cleanser will better suit your skin’s needs as winter approaches. The key is to know what your skin needs. 

Apply daily sunscreen to protect your skin in winter

Last advice that is often overlooked: apply sunscreen daily. Yes, sunscreen isn’t just for sunny days in August. To avoid premature skin aging, it’s recommended to apply it every day of the year, including winter. Just because it’s cold doesn’t mean UV rays don’t affect your epidermis. So, to avoid dryness and premature wrinkles, the recommendation is to be strict about the daily application of your sunscreen if you plan to go outside. And as we all wonder: sunscreen goes on before your day cream and makeup. Not after ;)

In conclusion, taking care of your skin in winter is not that complicated. Just listen to your skin to supplement it with the right nutrients and adopt a winter beauty routine that fits. This involves a few easy changes like applying sunscreen, choosing the right makeup remover, or properly hydrating from the inside as well as the outside. And don’t forget other sensitive areas of the body like lips, hands, or feet. They are just as subject to the whims of winter.

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