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The vintage leather men’s backpack: a very trendy style!

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And here it is, the men’s leather backpack vintage is making a strong comeback in the trend! Vintage never stops offering the best for our full pleasure. Whether it’s a satchel bag, a pouch, or a duffel bag, the styles from the 80s and 90s continue to seduce the fashion crowd. And we strongly approve.

This article is a little gem to guide you in perfecting your style by choosing the right vintage backpack. Modalova thus offers the pieces and outfits suitable to make you the man of the season.

What you need to know before buying a vintage men’s leather backpack!

The 80s and 90s make us think back to fringes, bohemian styles, or even embroidery, don’t they? And for backpacks, vintage has not spared them. Various brands sell countless vintage backpacks today. Their target is the same: to perfect the style.

The ideal material and colors for a vintage men’s leather backpack

Since the backpack is a timeless fashion accessory worn daily, it’s essential to be comfortable and stylish with it. And stylish too, let’s not forget! Choosing a backpack depends on your needs and circumstances. Therefore, it is crucial to opt for leather: the most resistant material. Synthetic should be crossed off the list.

Aniline full-grain leather

This leather is undoubtedly the best quality of leather. The finishing of pieces from this material is just surprising, no grain is left to chance. It is thick and without a pigmented layer. You can find several backpacks made from this material by many brands like Polo Ralph Lauren or Dudu.

Brown vintage backpack for men made of aniline full-grain leather
© Pinterest

Cowhide leather

Then, you can also opt for cowhide leather. Varied in smooth leather, red leather, patent leather, and so on, its quality remains impeccable. This leather is resistant, pleasant, and rubbery. Many use it for its benefits: comfortable and flexible, what could be better for a backpack!

Backpack for men in cowhide leather
Golf backpack from Gerard Henon

Nubuck leather

Nubuck leather, or suede leather, is a material often confused with suede. It differs from others in its finish; its surface is sanded by the tanner with sandpaper. It is velvety and silky to the touch.

Black vintage backpack for men in nubuck leather
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Which vintage men’s backpack to choose according to your style?

The perfect colors for a vintage men’s backpack

Brown is seen and reviewed, and is especially the new black of this season. Brown is the color closest to the vintage style after beige and camel. It’s not just brown, we also suggest ecru colors, pastel tones, yellow, brown, blue, and khaki. They are the allies of vintage.

Various vintage pachamama backpacks for men in leather
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The vintage color, at work as well as in the city, is suitable for all occasions. Choosing colors is not as hard as you think. You can also look at Louis Vuitton’s vintage articles for a glimpse of the color of a vintage backpack.

The style and looks to adapt from the vintage men’s backpack

Here then is the step you all have been waiting for. Choosing the bag according to your style. Don’t know what outfit to wear with your backpack? Don’t panic, just follow our advice.

The grained leather backpack

First, we suggest a dark brown backpack in grained leather. A refined backpack featuring a waterproof lining, top handle, and padded adjustable straps.

These options give you the freedom to choose how to carry it and especially keep your hands free. It is functional, you can fit a laptop inside. It is suitable to wear for all seasons, but ideally for spring-summer.

Brown backpack in grained leather for men carried by hand by its handle
Grained leather backpack from Bruno Cucinelli

Ideal for an office look, you can wear this bag with a black/yellow plaid shirt, beige-toned pants, and loafers. You will see for yourself how vintage you will be!

The Backpack backpack

The following backpack will completely immerse you in the theme. Both bohemian and casual with its prints and small fur, it has 2 flap pockets where you can put your cell phone.

This bag also consists of a leather tab closure and an adjustable strap. Spacious, you can safely introduce your personal belongings.

Red Backpack backpack for men with leather tab flaps
Red Backpack from Chevignon

Therefore, wear a pair of black jeans, a white t-shirt, and brown boots. The extra touch of this bag is that it’s also perfect as a travel bag.

Leather goods will always make us dream through leathers! What are you waiting for to shop them? Your wardrobe is dying to have a new backpack!

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