C'est quoi une marque minimaliste ?

What is a minimalist brand?

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The minimalist movement has redefined the fashion.

So much so that minimalist brands are abundant in the market. Not a season goes by without witnessing the introduction of a new collection of haute couture basics, the emergence of a young essentialist brand, or the birth of a micro minimalist trend. 

You get it, wearing minimalist clothes is in fashion.

But do we really know what minimalist fashion means? What aesthetic identifies a minimalist brand? On what criteria can we characterize it?

If you love wearing chic basics in neutral colors, are intrigued by the return to essentials and sustainability, and don’t want to miss out on this trend without really knowing what to expect, then you’re in the right place.

In this article, we take a close look at the minimalist brand, examining its rise in the market and defining it by specific criteria. At the end of the article, you’ll also find a selection of brands we love that will surely dress your silhouette with impeccable elegance.

Why are there more minimalist brands on the fashion market?

How do we define minimalism in fashion?

To understand why minimalism in fashion has become trendy, it’s interesting to take a step back and look at minimalism itself. More than a trend, minimalism is a way of life, a philosophy that invites everyone who wants it to voluntarily reduce everything they consume to its simplest essence. Each element is chosen for its necessity and utility, with ornamentation considered superfluous. 

Minimalism celebrates simplicity, sobriety, and functionality, and advocates for a simple and uncluttered life, devoid of all superfluous elements and centered on the essential. It applies to many fields such as architecture, design, music, cuisine, and of course, fashion. 

Moreover, within the fashion sphere, the minimalist trend is expressed in two ways: 

  • From a shopping behavior perspective: reducing the quantity of clothing purchases is the starting point of this approach. We fight against hyper-consumerism by buying less, but better. This involves many good practices: clothing rental, second-hand, local purchases, questions to ask before buying, etc.
  • From an aesthetic perspective: clean design, sobriety, sophistication, and simplicity define the minimalist style. Many labels have positioned themselves on this credo with one idea in mind: eliminate the superfluous to focus on creation.

Minimalist brands: why are they more numerous?

Several reasons have led brands and labels to position themselves on the minimalist trend in fashion. 

The first is unequivocal. The climate emergency has somehow redefined the way we dress. Tired of renewing their wardrobe every month due to meticulously timed microtrends, consumers have realized that another way of consuming is possible. This need to reduce clothing consumption has propelled the minimalist trend, positively influencing fashion enthusiasts to return to essentials by buying less. 

The confinement and its homewear influence have also contributed to the meteoric rise of the minimalist “counter-trend”. Wearing minimalist brand clothes is also a way to firmly break away from what the fashion industry should no longer be. 

This theory has also been widely supported by haute couture houses and influential designers in the market. By rethinking their collections, designers have shown that designing durable and aesthetic clothing can become a norm.

What is a minimalist brand? The criteria

What do minimalist brands have in common? What differentiates minimalist clothing from other fashion ranges? How can we recognize the style that characterizes essentialism in a collection? Answers in the rest of this article with three criteria to look out for. 

An elegant and refined aesthetic 

High-waisted fluid pants, structured blazers with shoulder pads, long straight dresses, oversized knits, asymmetrical tops… Minimalist fashion pieces are easy to recognize because we all have at least one in our wardrobe.

This trend reconciles comfort and classicism with an elegance backdrop. This leads labels positioning themselves in this niche to offer basics that are versatile enough for us to have fun with and create our own fashion style. 

The color palette also plays an important role for minimalist brands. A neutral palette is preferred over colorful and extravagant shades. The same goes for the choice of cuts, details, or even materials. We keep it simple and go for the essentials. This neutrality highlights the beauty and uniqueness of a piece.

Timelessness that stands the test of time

In its ready-to-wear collection, the minimalist brand also focuses on timeless pieces. These fashion items can be worn year after year without being overshadowed by the next microtrend. 

In other words, a minimalist piece is a timeless item that lives and survives the turmoil of the fashion industry. It’s a basic that derives its essence from its versatility.

You can combine, mix, or twist it with almost everything in your wardrobe, inviting you to do less but better. This famous return to essentials. 

A pair of jeans, a shirt, a knit, a trench coat, a minimalist sneaker, etc. All these minimalist pieces are also durable and stand the test of time, never forgetting where they come from.

Quality as the watchword

Silk, cashmere, wool, leather… These materials are particularly suited to minimalist fashion. Why? Because they are high-quality raw materials that, when well-structured, enhance a piece in its raw state, without any superfluous elements. 

Additionally, investing in a quality piece is an opportunity to make your purchase last over time. You’ve paid the price, you take care of it, and you’re delighted to enhance yourself year after year by wearing it, especially when it’s a timeless piece.

5 essential brands to know 

Acne Studios

Based in Stockholm, the Swedish brand is driven by the vision of artistic director Jonny Johansson. The house’s aesthetic approach is largely inspired by design, photography, contemporary art. In the label’s ready-to-wear collection, we find codes specific to the minimalist style in terms of cuts, color choices, and materials.

The Row 

Founded in 2006 by the most famous twins of the 2000s, Ashley Olsen and Mary-Kate Olsen, The Row is a pioneer in the minimalist fashion scene. The house is recognized for the precision of its details and cuts that honor each piece created in elegant classicism.


Inspired by the life and needs of women, Totême offers a simple and luxurious wardrobe that accompanies everyone in their daily activities. At Totême, the look is precise and thoughtful, defined by distinctive silhouettes, refined cuts, and elevated fabrics. The pieces are subtly refined and modified over time for a well-organized wardrobe that transcends trends.