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The 12 Trendy Backpacks for Men 2023

How you not blend into fashion with trendy men’s backpacks in 2023? Brand houses have set the bar high this year. They offer several pieces of this timeless fashion accessory. Each with their own design, color, and size.

Many have adopted it and many have stuck with the classics. There’s really nothing wrong with being faithful to the classic, but our anthem is to go for it to be original and stylish! 

The 12 trendy men’s backpacks in 2023: Modalova addresses this article to trend lovers who want to perfect their wardrobe, to those who hesitate to be bold, and to those who follow us every day; fashionable or not, we hope our guide will be useful to you.

Our top trends in men’s backpacks for work 

We all know how work pressure and stress can ruin a whole day. The best therapy is to feel better in your own shoes! And why not in your backpack too? Having the right outfit and accessories on you brings joy and good mood.

That’s why we have selected just for you, 4 backpacks for work. The extras to perfect your outfit and style. 

The brown Dante backpack

Brighten up your day at the office with the two-tone backpack designed by the Swedish brand Sandqvits. This optional backpack is both practical and stylish for going to the office. It has a main compartment, a zippered pocket at the back where you can put a laptop, an interior zippered pocket, and adjustable straps. It is priced at €119.

The minimalist computer backpack

Add some color and adopt the minimalist backpack from Shein. A brand accessible to everyone. The backpack below is prune-colored, the trendy color of the moment, and is priced at €29.25. You can securely store your mini computer. Its straps are adjustable and its fabric is made of polyamide.

The computer pouch backpack

The next model is priced at €89.99, from the brand Herschel. Its color and shape are reminiscent of the vintage style. This is exactly the backpack to buy because it is perfect for all seasons. It has a computer pouch, a storage pouch, and closures with a drawstring and another magnetic closure with metallic loops and reinforced straps.

The Weston backpack 

Black, the color that goes with all outfits. Fossil has combined simplicity and trendiness with its Weston backpack. Known for the durability of its products, the leather/polyester canvas backpack has a compartment for a laptop, 1 zippered pocket, and 2 patch pockets.

This beautiful piece is priced at €237.

What about the best men’s backpacks for sports? 

Sports are an antidepressant, especially for men. After backpacks for work, let’s make room for sports backpacks. Who said you shouldn’t be stylish while playing sports? Not us, that’s for sure! Our role is to always combine comfort and trend, like the sports backpacks for men that we are going to present to you. 

The Waterproof sports backpack for men

To keep your belongings dry, we need a waterproof backpack. For example, Etam has a waterproof backpack for just €39.99. A medium-sized backpack that can hold your personal belongings for sports. Its drawstring closure is very convenient for those who are not fans of zippers. 

The Plus black sports backpack for men

The brand Puma always offers versatile items. The black Plus backpack can be worn for sports as well as for everyday use at a price of €25. Its black color and logo in the middle add to its charm. It has a main compartment with a zippered closure, a zippered pocket, and a fabric handle on top. 

The Essential sports backpack for men

Calvin Klein Maroquinerie’s Essential backpack collection has been a hit with athletes lately. The small size of this backpack is irresistible. It has enough space to hold essential items during sports sessions. It has an adjustable strap, a compartment for a laptop, and a carrying handle. How can you not love it? This backpack is priced at €79.9. Treat yourself! 

The sports duffle backpack for men

Sometimes, a spacious backpack is all you need to have your towels, spare clothes, water bottles with you. The Bozer duffle backpack from The North Face is the right model for those who are used to having the maximum necessary items for sports.

With one strap, it can be worn on the back, front, or carried over the shoulder. With reinforced handles and a removable shoulder strap, this comfortable backpack will make your travels easier. 

Our most beautiful pieces for urban men’s backpacks

Streetwear is everything we love! The shoulder bag, the satchel, the briefcase, and so on… are all accessories that can be adopted to have an urban look. The type of urban backpack you need depends on your personality and taste. However, the models depend only on you. 

The black and yellow urban backpack

Black and yellow are purely urban colors. They stand out even more in a backpack. The first model of backpack we’re going to see is a Pokémon edition from Balmain. It costs €1440. 

This leather backpack with taffeta lining and adjustable strap qualifies as an all-purpose bag. It also has an internal patch pocket, perfect for your cell phone or wallet. Put on a pair of jeans, a t-shirt, sneakers, and voila! You’re in for a great day! 

The velvet urban backpack

Suede and velvet have also made a comeback this year. Here, we present to you the black velvet and leather backpack from Tom Ford. When we talk about this brand, the first thing that comes to mind is “men’s accessories”. Most of Tom Ford’s men’s backpacks are versatile and can be worn for different occasions. Their finishes are also meticulously designed. Admire the beautiful buckley velvet backpack from the brand itself. 

It is priced at €2690. Its interior has a fabric lining, a zippered pocket, and a patch pocket. It also has adjustable shoulder straps, a handle, and a protective leather base. Very beautiful and practical, isn’t it? Accompany this backpack with a beautiful printed blazer, and you’ll be at the top of your game.

The bucket urban backpack

A style that we saw a long time ago and that almost everyone adopts today: the bucket backpack. We have nothing more to say than to validate it! The brand The Row has enchanted fashionistas by bringing back the bucket model. Very trendy this season, it sharpens your outfit and adds a touch of glamour with its design, fabric material, and leather finish. The beige bucket backpack from The Row is priced at €1320. It combines urban, chic, and luxury in one piece. 

Worn on the back, this leather backpack has a spacious interior compartment and a drawstring closure. So cool, right? Pair it with khaki-colored slim-fit pants, a checked bomber jacket, and black platform boots. Everyone will approve of your look!

The luxury leather urban backpack

It is always enjoyable to adopt bags from major brand houses. The material, design, and logos are meticulously crafted to impress us. Prada is a prime example. This brand offers countless luxury leather backpacks for men. It is known for the sobriety of its bags: combining class, streetwear, glamour, and luxury.

This black backpack has a leather lining, internal patch pockets, and a zipper closure on top. Its shoulder straps are adjustable. Opt for shirts, turtlenecks, jackets, and sneakers with this backpack.

Backpacks are sometimes unisex and versatile. It’s up to you to choose the backpack that catches your eye. Also, be aware that the prices of backpacks vary depending on the seasons. So it’s very wise to get one now before prices rise. Our site guarantees you the best men’s backpacks.

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