3 créateurs mode populaires auprès des jeunes

3 Popular Fashion Designers Among Young People

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According to the Klarna report, 83% of Generation Z follow luxury brands on social media. 

The designers and luxury brands that know how to adopt the codes of digital natives are the ones standing out, successfully targeting a specific audience;  the Gen Z. 

Which labels are captivating the 15-25 age group? Who are the influential designers that mesmerize young people concerned with environmental issues and social codes? The answer is in this article: here is the top 3 of popular fashion designers among the youth.

Amina Muaddi

Shoes designed by Amina Muaddi have become a must-have for all fashion lovers within a few years. With a distinctive signature represented by a pyramidal heel, the fashion designer has established herself as a reference for elegant and modern shoes among Generation Z. Thanks to her creations, we find a well-anchored brand. The pieces are carefully thought out in an elegant yet bold style. The sparkling details in a party-girl manner top the sculptural look of the stiletto, making the wearer shine. 

The shoes by Amina Muaddi stand out for their unique aesthetics and quality craftsmanship. Key models include strappy sandals, pointed-toe ankle boots, and pyramid-heeled stilettos.

But beyond this aesthetic, it is the popularity of the designer’s eponymous label that has boosted Amina Muaddi as a brand. The bold approach of the young designer quickly resonated within the fashion sphere, attracting fans and the most trendy influencers like Gigi Hadid, Dua Lipa, or Kendall Jenner.

However, it was the collaboration with Rihanna that made Amina Muaddi a household name. The young designer’s pyramidal heel caught the eye of the world’s most famous fashion celebrity: Rihanna. A golden opportunity, which Amina seized, since she has since established herself as the artistic director of the Fenty label for the shoe line. 

This information was widely shared on Instagram among an audience raised on influence campaigns, glitter, and inclusive fashion.

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French designer Simon Porte Jacquemus is known for his modern and refreshing designs characterized by minimalist cuts, clean silhouettes, and vibrant colors. This eclectic signature has allowed the designer to make a name for himself in the world of haute couture.

But more than just a fashion label, Jacquemus is also an event brand. The designer never misses an opportunity to dazzle his audience and invite them into his world. His shows, true performances, are recognized as immersive experiences that plunge the client into a poetic dream, with each collection as the centerpiece of the decor. 

However, the visionary does not stop at the staged representation of his collections. A pop-up store, a vending machine, a giant bathroom named “Le bleu Jacquemus”, the flower café … Jacquemus events are as diverse as they are surprising, highlighting the limitless creativity of this master couturier at every occasion. 

It is this gentle mix of scenography and iconic pieces that have allowed the brand to establish itself among a young audience. Through engaging and visually appealing content, the brand shares the feats of its haute couture experiences on social media, naturally portraying itself as an avant-garde house. This, for an audience seeking the extraordinary and emotions, is enchanting.

But the interest in Jacquemus among the 15-25 age group is not limited to the sensational. The minimalist aesthetic allows every teenager to identify with it. And for young adults in search of identity, wearing Jacquemus is a way to assert themselves, to show their belonging to a group. The bucket hat, the Chiquito, or even the sweatshirt thus become symbolic pieces worth showing off.

Hotel Mahfouf by Léna Situations

Known for her “friends” vlogs, unpretentious shots, and love for fashion, Léna Mahfouf aka Léna Situations has, in a few years, risen to the rank of French fashion influencer and has become the most known and loved by young French people. 

After conquering YouTube, then Instagram, and being invited to the Met Gala in June 2022, Léna won the hearts of her biggest fans last year by announcing the launch of her first fashion and home decor brand: Hotel Mahfouf. 

Hotel Mahfouf is a line of clothing and home accessories that mix Parisian and Californian influences, the two favorite cities of the fashionista. In reference to the cocoon in which she loves to gather with friends and family, Léna offers a relaxed yet stylish vibe. In her chalet, you will find hoodies, blazers, cozy joggers, candles, and cards bearing the brand’s image. 

While these items are sold online on the e-shop, the added value of the label lies in the ephemeral events that Léna and her team organize. The first took place last summer in Paris in a friendly location that hosted a restaurant, a café, a bar, and a store. The second was held late last year during the holiday season. It was a cozy chalet where everyone could gather around a good snack offered by the house. 

The target of this label made by Léna Situations? Generation Z, young teenagers who see Léna as an older sister to confide in. She inspires with her journey, reassures with her simplicity, and captivates with her boldness. 

If we had to conclude on these 3 popular fashion designers among the youth, we could say there is a common point in their approach. These designers knew how to reach out to their audience. Staging, collaborations, visibility… By offering an experience that goes beyond the product, they have given their label a strong identity, in which a teenager or young adult can recognize themselves.