4 lunette de soleil pour femmes à shopper cet été

4 Pairs of Women’s Sunglasses to Shop for This Summer

Summer has finally arrived, bringing with it the essential need to protect yourself from the sun while staying stylish. And we can no longer ignore it, women’s sunglasses have become an absolute fashion essential during the summer season. But each year has its trend. And if last year the round shape was still in vogue, you will be surprised by what Eyewear labels have in store for you this summer of 2023.

To help you decipher the sunglasses trend this year, we offer you a selection of the top women’s sunglasses for this summer. Whether you are looking for a classic or bold pair, you should be captivated by these frames that offer possibilities for summer looks.

Aviator Sunglasses, the Return of the Vintage Pair

Aviator sunglasses for women have reached new heights of popularity this year as a must-have accessory. What attracts us? A timeless appeal and an aura of sophistication. This blend of vintage and modern has propelled them to the top of fashion trends for the summer.

This is also what has allowed them to withstand the test of time brilliantly, but above all without aging a bit. Moreover, haute couture houses have been able to detect the potential of this iconic frame. Loewe or Louis Vuitton have honored the aviator sunglasses by remastering the stitches, offering a more modern version, praised by the fashion scene.

Wearing Aviator sunglasses this summer ensures you combine protection with style. With its oval shape, metallic frame, and thin arms, they add that retro touch to a summer outfit. And their timelessness makes them easy to pair with almost anything.

Mask: The Trendy Model of Women’s Sunglasses

They were already around last year; the Shield mask sunglasses are making a strong comeback this summer, even dominating the podium of the top women’s sunglasses of 2023. While they may not be universally loved, they are at least recognized for their uniqueness.

The mask sunglasses are characterized by mirrored, smoked, or tinted lenses in pink, blue, or green. The shape is oval and generally XXL to reflect the oversize trend. While some are exact replicas of ski masks, other models are thinner and rectangular. For those who love small details, you will find some mask frames with small rhinestones or logos, reminiscent of the bling-bling aesthetics of the 2000s, from which the Shields drew much inspiration.

This summer, we wear the Shield sunglasses with a pristine and/or minimalist outfit to balance the boldness of these glasses. We dare the total Y2K style that will immerse you in the theme of the 2000s for a vintage summer.

Oversize White Frame: The Sunglasses That Reinvent Classicism

Much more classic, oversize sunglasses are highly sought after this summer. But it is mainly due to the color of the frames that these women’s sunglasses owe their popularity. Chic and timeless, white sunglasses echo a deep trend, Quiet Luxury aka aesthetic sobriety in luxury. Refined but discreetly represented by the most prestigious luxury labels on the market, these immaculate sunglasses have quickly charmed fans of beautiful accessories.

These frames are generally characterized by a rectangular and imposing shape, referencing the XXL fashion. We love to wear them with an outfit as simple as elegant, such as linen pants and a crop top or a beautiful flowing satin dress that will contrast with the volume of the glasses.

Women’s Sunglasses Trend: Colorful and Graphic Models

There is one last type of sunglasses that is underestimated but has indeed made its place on the Eyewear 2023 podium: graphic and colorful glasses.

With their unconventional shape and vibrant colors, they stand out completely from what is on the sunglasses market. Very often XXL, these glasses impose themselves on the face and claim to be a true fashion statement. Pink, royal blue, green… The colors parade to the rhythm of these frames straight from the 70s.

A great example of a coveted pair? The Inflated Cat-Eye from Loewe. A model that has sold like hotcakes.

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Cover image: © Sandra Semburg