Le retour des Crocs personnalisables

Foam clogs and slides: Crocs back in style again?

Originally designed for the nautical world and other water sports, foam slippers and clogs have managed to find a whole new audience in just a few years. And 2022 seems to be breathing new life into the trend of foam clogs.

From the pool to the city: the slide

It made a big comeback a few summers ago. Disguised and criticized in its legendary duo with socks, the slide has come to invade the closets of Mr. and Mrs. Everyone, not just campers and lifeguards. Initially practical, its look suddenly caught people’s attention by making it a centerpiece of everyday looks. And this year is no exception. We see it coming back, both on the seaside stands and in ready-to-wear brands. For summer 2022, the slide arrives in a different silhouette, with a slightly bolder look. While we were used to seeing the slide with a flat rubber sole and a strap, often displaying the brand name or a design such as lines… This year, alongside the “classic” model, we are witnessing the trend of a more imposing slide, giving the impression of a block of rubber, with toes seeking the sun. The pairs are gradually abandoning the “pool flip-flop” look for solid colors and cuts that are more stylish and better suited for city looks. Because in the end, the slide follows us more on city pavements than by the poolside.

Foam clogs making a comeback?

Other iconic shoes that “aren’t meant for that but we wear them everywhere, they’re uncool but we make them trendy”… Foam clogs like Crocs!! A touchy fashion subject, where 2 teams oppose each other:
  • On one hand, the pro foam clogs: either because they’re practical, or because they’re quirky and perfect for a stylish look.
  • On the other hand, the anti foam clogs: who make jokes about those who own them. (we’ve all done it to some extent…)

The short history of Crocs

No one could have missed the foam clog phenomenon in the early 2000s… The arrival of Crocs shook the world and was in the top 5 favorite topics for starting debates. Initially designed to be worn by boat crews, thanks to their durability, maintenance, and water resistance, they then spread to other fields such as catering or medicine. This ascent brought them all the way to the White House, giving them the fashion status we know them for. Although over the years, foam clogs have become less common, ending up in the boxes of uncool items, or, for lucky pairs, ending up in the garden, 2022 seems to mark their comeback!

Foam clogs, a symbolic piece of “uncool trendiness”

We have noticed for many months now that “uncool” is becoming trendy again! With the return of 90s fashion trends or even the y2k style, some forgotten pieces find themselves in the spotlight. This is the case with foam clogs, which benefit from the influence of festival looks. Indeed, from Coachella to Lollapalooza, to be stylish at a festival, you have to dress somewhat randomly. Bikini top, fishnet top, tie-dye skirt, glittery faces, and more jewelry on you than in all the Claire’s stores in France… This is an association that foam clogs are increasingly joining in the latest festivals, as well as in everyday life. And what better way than celebrities and influencers to propel trends? We see Justin Bieber and Kendall Jenner bringing importance back to these somewhat outdated shoes. Foam clogs are even stepping onto the runways and being offered by many brands. Recently, New Balance, Birkenstock, and Adidas have all released foam clogs inspired by their sneakers. A true trend is emerging around foam clogs, including them in well-crafted looks and starting a trend on social media, encouraging many fashion addicts to swap sandals for these famous clogs!

Foam clogs, luxury or Pixar version?

These pieces are also popular because they lend themselves to customization. This allows for even more “uncoolness” and attention to detail in the look. Thus, foam clogs are paraded with pins, more or less loaded. Baby Yoda, Toy Story characters, fruits, numbers, flowers… And even little dinosaurs! The pins personalize the pairs, going so far as to infuse a touch of luxury into this judged uncool piece, with Chanel or Yves Saint Laurent pins. And yes, fashion trends will never cease to amaze us!!