How to choose the perfect cocktail dress for plus size women

How to Choose the Perfect Cocktail Dress for Curvy Women?

Looking for a cocktail dress for plus-size women? Discover how to choose it, iconic brands, and the best models of evening dresses for curvy women. As you know, it’s important to adapt your dress to your body shape. The preferred model depends heavily on whether you have a belly or not, the structure of your body, and your taste. Depending on whether you want to show your sexy side or your more reserved side, choose the outfit that suits you and that you like the most. Looking for other models of elegant dresses for plus-size women? Follow the guide!

What you need to know about cocktail dresses for plus-size women before making your choice

Generally mid-length, the cocktail dress for plus-size women is a garment that women take out of their wardrobe for ceremonies, chic evenings, or semi-formal receptions. It can be worn for a work evening, for example, or a fairly chic reception during the day. In the latter case, it is generally of a fancy and lively color. It often honors the femininity of the wearer by highlighting her assets. If you don’t have one yet in your wardrobe, we advise you on these preferred models. The criteria to consider are the cut of the model, its color, its patterns, its fabric, as well as the appropriate accessories to enhance yourself.
    • The cut:
Regarding the cut of your dress, make sure that it flatter your curves and highlight your feminine attributes, but not too much. Indeed, there may be times when you want to cover up more. And conversely, you may want to be sexy for a party.
    • The color:
As for the color, it’s up to you. Just remember that dark and deep colors create a beautiful silhouette. Very bold animal prints are frowned upon. If you want to wear them, choose more discreet animal patterns.
    • The fabric:
For fabrics, stretch fabrics like chiffon, flowing fabrics, sheer fabrics, English embroidery, and lace are your allies.
Plus-size woman wearing a satin dress
Asos Curve satin mid-length dress

The iconic brands of long cocktail dresses for plus-size women

Asos Curve

We cannot talk about cocktail dresses for plus-size women without mentioning the brand Asos Curve. Among the collection of dresses for plus-size women that it offers, you can find all possible models. Whether you are looking for a wrap model, a form-fitting model, with thin straps or wide straps, you can find what you’re looking for. Whether you want a model with or without sleeves, with long sleeves or short sleeves, with an open or closed neckline, everything is there. Moreover, all curvy ladies can afford a beautiful Asos Curve outfit. Indeed, the prices of their models start at 10 euros. The most expensive model from the brand costs 705 euros.


At Mango, you can also find the outfit you need. Offering items ranging from 15 to 160 euros, the brand is very popular among plus-size women. To find beautiful cocktail dresses to your liking, all you need is a few clicks on the internet. With your shopping made easier, all that’s left is to choose. Between its strapless and wrap dresses, shirt dresses and A-line dresses, skater skirts and straight dresses, you have plenty of choices. Mango offers items suited to all budgets. Ranging from 15 to 160 euros, the models offered are original, beautiful, and trendy.
Blonde plus-size woman wearing a stylish black short dress
© Mango

The best models of short cocktail dresses for plus-size women

The mermaid dress

The mermaid dress is one of the iconic models of cocktail dress for plus-size women. By opting for bare shoulders and a short cocktail dress for plus-size women, you highlight your thighs, waist, hips, and legs. Or choose a long slit dress. However, for maximum effect, especially for plus-size and petite women, wear high heels. To enhance your chest, opt for a plunging neckline. Floral print, butterflies, and polka dots are the best patterns on this model. A light color like blush pink is a priority. Add a necklace, a clutch, dangling earrings, and voila!
Beautiful plus-size woman wearing a floral mermaid cocktail dress

The wrap dress

The favorite of plus-size women! It conceals the belly, hides the thighs but highlights the waist. As a result, it offers a proportionate silhouette. Small flowers, short flared sleeves, small pieces of guipure lace for a glam effect, and you will be radiant. Or you can opt for a plain, simple, and basic model. Whether long, short, or mid-length, the wrap cut doesn’t betray the shape of your body. That is to say, no matter how bright colors you choose, it will give a very pretty, classy, sexy, or glamorous result. Here, always wear high-heeled shoes that match the colors of your outfit. Now you are ready to attract the most approving looks from the guests.
Gorgeous plus-size woman in a short wrap evening dress.
Boohoo sequin wrap dress
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