Comment savoir quelle taille prendre pour une casquette

How to Know What Size Cap to Get?

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The cap is the ultimate headgear. It is present everywhere in the world, at all occasions and for all ages. Celebrities have elevated this hat style to new heights: Jean du Jardin, Brad Pitt, chef Paul Pairet, former president Barack Obama, not to the most popular singers. The advantage of the cap is that it suits everyone, by choosing the right model and size. Here’s everything you need to know about the cap.

Choose the size according to the brand’s instructions

The circumference of your head in centimeters should be matched to the brand’s cap size chart. Be aware that not all manufacturers offer the same sizes. For sizes in centimeters, it’s easy. Simply choose the one that matches your head circumference. If you are between two sizes, take the larger one. For the sizes:

  • S = 54 to 56 cm
  • M = 56 to 58 cm
  • XXL = 62 to 64 cm

Don’t worry, the site always offers the letter size (S, M, L, etc.) and the version in centimeters. Of course, by choosing the right size with the help of the size guides on the sites, you are sure to enjoy a perfectly fitted accessory. But you still need to choose between the different cap models!

What are the different types of caps?

  • The Fitted: This is the original model, the one baseball players wear. This cap has a flat or slightly curved visor, a rigid crown, and no adjustment system. This type of cap is fitted to size, hence its name. This means it is very important to know your size to avoid having a cap that is too small or too large.
  • The Snapback: This is the model that dethroned the Fitted. The Snapback cap has become the reference for athletes (baseball, basketball, soccer, rugby, hockey, Formula 1, etc.). It is easily recognizable with its adjustment system at the back, whether it uses plastic snap buttons or other types of closures. This closure system allows the accessory to be adapted to the size of your head.
  • The Trucker: It symbolizes the workers’ headgear. Now a real trend, the Trucker has mesh panels at the back, an adjustment strap, and foam-lined front panels. All this to ensure good breathability.

There are other types of caps like the Irish or Irish beret, the classic beret, the Dad Cap and the Gavroche.

A cap that fits and suits your morphology

For a round face, opt for a Gavroche cap or an Irish cap. For a slim face, go for a baseball cap or the classic beret. These are tips based on face shape, but the ideal is to try and see if your face is highlighted. In some cases, a round face fits perfectly with a fitted cap, if it is well adjusted and well worn. So, the trick is in trying it on and how you wear it on your head.

Which cap brands should you know?

If shapes and colors define the trend, the brand of the cap is the foundation. Here are some brands you absolutely need to have in your wardrobe:

  • Ralph Lauren: A men’s fashion brand offering modern caps, especially in textiles and patches
  • Stetson: Specialized in cowboy hats, this brand offers several types of caps ranging from 30 to 80€
  • Nébeau: A French brand offering five-panel caps with a price range up to 110€
  • New Era: An essential brand for caps, especially known for the NY logo
  • Von Dutch: Pattern, color, logo, material, with a Von Dutch cap, you’ll add a touch of modernity to your outfit
  • The North Face: The outdoor sports equipment supplier also offers a collection of stylish caps

The headwear fashion changes constantly, just like fashion in general. The latest trends in shapes remain the fitted cap, the snapback, and the trucker. But the criteria that make a cap trendy are color and decorations. To be in, choose a headgear with glued or embroidered patches, flashy colors (pink, turquoise, orange, purple, yellow…), elegant fabrics like tweed or velvet, eco-friendly materials, floral, tie-dye, or paisley patterns. While it’s essential to opt for a trendy accessory, don’t forget that a cap in the right size is indispensable for a successful look!