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How to Properly Choose Your Women’s Oversized Sweatshirt?

The grand comeback of loose clothing has marked fashion in recent years: the oversized sweatshirt for women is part of it. A mix of trend, style, and masculinity, the oversized look will not fade away anytime soon. 

Indeed, it has taken a significant place in the wardrobe of fashion-loving citadels. There are those who make a collection of them, and there are those who can’t decide on the ideal oversized sweatshirt for themselves. That’s the heart of our topic today! 

How to choose an oversized sweatshirt properly? We have a few tricks up our sleeve, don’t go far, this article is all yours.

Choose your oversized sweatshirt according to your style 

If you’ve been wearing fitted clothes for a long time, you can breathe now. Oversized clothes are coming to your rescue. There’s nothing more pleasant than wearing clothes in which we are comfortable. 

But how do you choose the oversized sweatshirt in this case? We’re not going to teach you how to measure your chest circumference anymore, that’s not the point. Choosing well and having a sweatshirt over our size are our goals today! 

If you think this is tough, you’re mistaken. There’s nothing simpler and more fun than choosing an oversized sweater and combining it with other pieces for a killer look.

First, identify your fashion style 

We all have our little signatures for our daily looks. And even if you don’t realize it, the little flair you bring to your outfit is very important to identify your taste and personality. 

Since the oversized sweatshirt is a piece for the casual style, here the question is no longer how to choose it, but especially how to combine it with your clothes according to your style.

  • If you are fans of urban and contemporary looks :

If the tee shirt, pair of jeans or wide pants, hoodies, big sweaters, sneakers, and caps are the masterpieces of your wardrobe, you’re already in the game! 

It’s not difficult for you to combine the oversized hoodie or sweatshirt to form this year’s trend. Indeed, oversized clothes are an urban style that everyone loves for the comfort it provides.

It takes little to achieve a trendy look with an oversized sweatshirt. Just take a black oversized sweatshirt, a shoulder bag, black leggings for the bottom, and opt for Dr. Martens boots or a pair of very white platform sneakers. 

Woman wearing a black oversized sweatshirt for women
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You see? The simple match of these basic pieces puts you in trend! 

  • If you’re more into skirts and company :

You might be wondering how an oversized sweater fits with a skirt? Is it within the rules of fashion? There are no specific rules in fashion as long as you have attitude, boldness, charisma, and trendy clothes that fit you perfectly.

For a trendy look, choose a black oversized sweatshirt with a pleated skirt above the knees, then opaque tights. Wear it all with black Chelsea boots: sober, proper, and trendy.

Woman wearing an oversized sweatshirt with a short pleated skirt
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Another option: opt for a tulle skirt, wear it with a grey oversized sweatshirt with a pair of Converse: fashionable and girly. This is our favorite outfit. 

Woman wearing a grey oversized sweatshirt with a black tulle skirt
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Wearing an oversized sweatshirt with a dress or pants

When wearing an oversized sweatshirt with a dress or pants, it’s imperative to find balance between the two outfits. Can a sweatshirt be worn with a dress? The choice of pieces must be appropriate. For a trendy look, we suggest some styles for each of these outfits.

How to pair an oversized sweatshirt with a dress? 

For a casual look, you can wear a long dress with a hoodie. Whether it’s a flowing dress or not, make sure it fits your body shape. 

  • First look :

Here, we advise you to wear a slit midi dress, and put a long-sleeved shirt on top of the dress. The goal is to let the shirt’s sleeves show under the oversized sweater once worn. Choose black ankle boots with gold studs and of course, don’t forget your handbag. 

Woman wearing an oversized sweatshirt with a dress
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  • Second look :

Why not try the sweatshirt with a flowing dress? It’s the typical American look seen in movies. An indispensable look for its comfort. With this combo, you can only have attitude and style.

An oversized closed hoodie sweatshirt is our main piece. Pair it with one of your summer dresses: long and flowing. Ideally, the dress should be your size so as not to let the oversized take over your silhouette too much.

Woman wearing an oversized sweatshirt with a flowing dress
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Women with well-defined hips are highly recommended to replicate this look. You have two choices for shoes, either you wear a simple pair of tennis shoes, or you wear open-back loafers. We advise leaning towards the tennis shoes. 

The classic: an oversized sweatshirt with pants

This combination is the most popular among our beautiful citadels. Jogging pants, leather pants, and leggings are all choices to embrace. Since it’s classic, the effort is mainly on how to handle accessories and colors. 

  • For the first look, we will play for a total oversized! 

The following look is perfect for petite women. Wide jeans and an oversized sweatshirt without a hood. An idea that seems very basic, but that comes out nicely once worn.

As we said colors and accessories are to be prioritized, here, grey, khaki green, and black are our colors. Black high-heeled sandals, a choker necklace, and loose hair. Take with you an electric blue clutch to finalize the outfit. 

Woman wearing a total oversized look with a sweatshirt
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  • For the little cold snaps: 

Take out your leather pants, a grey hoodie, an oversized shirt closed up to the neck or a turtleneck to wear underneath. And if it’s really cold outside, you can wear an oversized sweater outside or a leather aviator jacket. We love it! 

Woman wearing an oversized sweatshirt with a jacket and leather pants
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An oversized sweatshirt for women without sleeves? 

An oversized sweatshirt for women without sleeves is a pretty must-have for all female wardrobes. This casual women’s sweatshirt is available on the market in a variety of colors and designs. It fits all styles.

Even in sleeveless tee shirt design, it can form totally fashionable looks: casual or elegant. It can also create a sophisticated look by pairing it with a long skirt and one of those white booties or thigh-high boots. Its oversized cut, like all oversized sweatshirt designs, ensures the top of comfort and style.

To help you wear the sweatshirt for women well, we advise you to read this article!

Woman wearing a sleeveless sweatshirt by Marc O'Polo
Sleeveless oversized hoodie sweatshirt by Marc O’Polo

These sweatshirts for women can be worn on any occasion, whether for a casual day or an evening out with friends. It’s a practical and trendy choice that guarantees comfort and style at the same time.

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