Comment entretenir une casquette

How to wash a cap?

The chic women’s cap is one of the fashion accessories that requires maintenance. Whether it is branded or not, over time, external aggressions can leave sweat stains on the cap.

Many of us wonder how to wash cap, and what to do to ensure its material is not damaged. Indeed, there are precautions to take when washing it.

How about a little laundry session with our team, does that sound good to you?

Maintaining a cap starts right now!

Those who love well, take good care! Taking care of your fashion accessory is not complicated. The maintenance of the cap begins from the moment you have it in your fingers. If not, it can quickly become damaged. What do you think are the essentials for maintaining a cap?

It’s best for a person to have a spare cap first to avoid wearing the same one all the time. Over time, due to the climate and sweat, it deserves maintenance if you plan to keep it as long as possible.

Specifics to consider when washing your cap

Of course, the cap needs to be washed, otherwise, it wouldn’t be elegant at all. In addition to flopping your outfit, it wouldn’t smell good on your head either. And it must be admitted that wearing a dirty cap is not at all worthy of the trend.

No matter your cap, there are always solutions to restore it to its condition and to make it as clean as it was at the time of purchase. There are a few points to consider to avoid doing just anything:

Your type of cap:

It is really important to know the type of cap you have. Unlike older models, the visors of the new cap models are almost plastic. There is a 99% chance that it will deteriorate in the wash.

The visors of older cap models are made of cardboard and are not compatible with water at all.

Besides the visor, you should also take into account the material of your cap’s body. Each material has its own way of being washed, and if one method works for another, it may not suit others.

Cotton, wool, cashmere, polyester are all different from each other. Wool, for example, is softer than polyester, therefore, the way and the products to clean these two are strictly different.

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Modèles de casquettes récentes
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The type of washing your cap:

You can wash your cap in two ways: hand washing or machine washing. In both cases, there’s regular washing and thorough washing.

It all depends on the point specified above to choose the way to wash your cap. There are types of caps that cannot be washed regularly. There are also types of products harmful to soft materials, which should be avoided.

Hand washing your cap: the cautious choice

If you can, it’s better to always wash your cap by hand. It’s more reassuring to see the cap under our eyes while washing it than to put it in a machine, of which God knows what happens inside. No matter the style of the cap, hand washing is the best way to wash it.

How to hand wash your cap?

Take a basin of water and put cold water in it. The ideal is to always use cold water. Also note that it’s better not to use detergent products with ammonia. Soapy water does the job vaguely. You can use any soap, as long as it’s specifically made for laundry.

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How to remove stains from the cap?

To remove sweat stains from the cap, the most effective grandmother’s trick is baking soda. Dip the cap in the water, scrub it with soap, then put a bit of baking soda powder on the stained part and gently scrub it with your usual brush.

And finally, rinse the cap with water. You’ll see that you won’t even need bleach. Its fabric will regain its texture and original appearance.

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How to wash new models of caps?

The new models of caps are those we’ve seen lately and are also on the market. Sometimes their visors are made of plastic, unlike the old models with cardboard visors we mentioned earlier.

Washing the baseball cap or the snapback cap is easy once you follow the steps to get started.

No hot water, and no bleach or ammonia products. That’s all you need to respect, as these can change the color and damage the material of the cap.

What about the old versions of caps?

If until now, you still have an old cap, it’s because you’ve taken care of it. Generally, the old models of caps have cardboard visors. It is therefore recommended not to soak them in water.

Water and cardboard are two materials that should never merge. The cardboard can get damaged, and you can say goodbye to your cap.

But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t wash it! A light wash is required. That is, take a brush or a sponge dipped in soapy water and gently rub the dirty parts, and that’s it.

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Washing your cap in the machine, possible?

Since we’ve seen how to wash the cap by hand, it’s honestly advised never to put your cap in the machine.

Just imagine how clothes expand or shrink in it, in addition to any other anomaly, and do you think a cap could come out unscathed? No! And even if you’ve tried once and it came out intact, with repetitions, it would deteriorate little by little.

Machines cannot completely remove sweat marks and other stains from a cap. That’s why hand washing is the safest.

taches sur une casquette qui ne partent pas au lavage à la machine
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The drying of the cap

After washing comes drying. We are really lucky to have machines at our disposal to make our household chores easier. After being put in the washing machine, hop into the dryer!

But here, once again, and as you should not put the cap in the washing machine; it would be wise to air dry it. Even dryers should be avoided.

So give your cap the time it needs to dry.

But don’t overdo it either. If you find it’s dry, you should remove it from the line because the sun’s rays can also deform your cap.

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