mocassins ouverts noirs a talons

Open-toe loafers for women, a stylish combination of casual and classy

Open toe moccasins for women: what exactly are they?

Open toe moccasins for women or mules are elegant shoes to add to your wardrobe. Easy to slip on, these low shoes with a mule-style give a touch of style to the most basic outfits while maintaining a relaxed look.

Also available for men, thanks to this open design, these women’s moccasins are perfect for keeping your sensitive feet well ventilated. Each shoe store as well as major shoe brands have their own interpretation of these shoes.

Classic pairs, more summery pairs, many models are available on the market. Evolving through the ages, this timeless pair of moccasins is at the feet of our fashion novas.

Black studded open toe moccasins for women
Studded open toe moccasins from River Island

When and how to wear them?

Worn like slippers, these ultra-comfortable shoes are a must-have for fashionistas nowadays. Whether you want to be feminine, dressed up or add a touch of fancy to your outfit, these shoes can accompany your most beautiful outfits.

If you prefer heeled shoes but still want comfort, you can elevate your look while giving yourself a feminine touch with open toe moccasins with heels.

Although the different pairs can be worn for all occasions, there are still some rules to follow to stay on top of the trend. A smart-casual look, or an everyday look with a touch of originality? Let us help you dress up these pretty pairs of shoes.

Beige open toe moccasins for women
Beige open toe moccasins from Accessorize

How to wear open toe moccasins for women: our advice

Essential shoes for spring-summer, they are the pair that will make a difference in your wardrobe.

In summer, wearing high-top sneakers, boots or even thigh-high boots is not necessarily what we want. Sports shoes, even less so. We are more in search of comfortable shoes.

As mentioned earlier, open toe moccasins are shoe models that reveal the ankles and allow the feet to breathe well. So an ankle bracelet will be perfect to accessorize them. Instead of wearing flip-flops or sandals, open toe moccasins will give you a chic and modern look.

No other pair of shoes can provide you with as much comfort and lightness while remaining in absolute elegance.

How to wear them?

  • First of all, since they are open shoes, their main advantage is the ankle-revealing aspect. Therefore, we forget about socks and tights.

Once these two things are banished, you are free to wear them with your favorite outfits. With all the models available, you have plenty of room to have fun.

Black crocodile pattern open toe moccasins for women
Open toe moccasins with crocodile pattern from Schuh
  • For a summer pair, there are summer models and original colors available for your wardrobe. For women, high-heeled models are also essential. Luxury moccasin brands or ready-to-wear brands, the choice is wide.

In the luxury department, you have brands like Gucci or Prada that offer them to you. Your collector’s soul will be delighted.

White Princetown leather open toe moccasins from Gucci
Open toe leather moccasins from Gucci

Choose from different materials, such as crocodile effect, snake skin, velvet, pointed toe or round toe, it’s up to you. They have everything to fill your shoe collection. For budget-friendly women’s moccasins, you have brands like Asos or H&M.

Nude open toe moccasins styled as mules
Open toe moccasins from Boohoo

Open back women’s moccasins: the subtle touch for your outfit!

Whether it’s leather moccasins, suede moccasins, printed or in a solid color, these basics come in incredible diversity. From moccasins in mule-style tropéziennes to high-heeled pairs, there is something for everyone.

  • For an extravagant style:

Do you like discreet pairs or extravagant pairs? You will be served. To accompany these slipper-style shoes, there are many ways. You can wear them with a little printed or solid color dress, the choice is yours.

Do you like to wear extravagant dresses? Pair them with a sober pair, for example in smooth leather, black velvet or even black patent leather moccasins.

If, on the other hand, you choose to dress in a very sober little black dress or a simple skirt, don’t hesitate to spice up and enhance your outfit. A printed pair or a pair with details like pompoms, fringes on the vamp, sequins or fur, and voilà.

These details will make you stand out even with the most sober outfit in the world. With a little shoulder bag, a girly effect is guaranteed. You also have different colors and leathers to play with. All accessorized with minimalist jewelry and your most beautiful pairs of sunglasses. You can only make a stir.

Black open toe moccasins worn with a black faux leather skirt and a t-shirt
Black open toe moccasins from Shein

It’s not just dresses that go with these elegant shoes. You can also wear them with rolled-up jeans and a t-shirt.

  • For a smart-casual style:

Opt for a blouse or a shirt for the top to accompany your favorite jeans. A textured pair with a black reptile effect will make a difference with slim, mom, or skinny jeans.

Why not try them with a polo shirt and a little shorts or a skirt? High-heeled moccasins will be perfect for this look for more femininity. With a suit, these soft city shoes will enhance your outfit.

Dressed without overdoing it, this pair of women’s shoes is a must-have for those who want the comfort of sandals while remaining elegant.

White open back moccasins worn by a woman with an ankle bracelet
White open back moccasins with morsels from Accessorize

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