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Our Opinion on The Nines and Its Breathable Shirt

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Finding a good balance between comfort and elegance is not always easy. It can quickly become one of your main concerns, especially if you’re one of those early morning cyclists pedaling to work. Consequently, we are witnessing a growing interest in breathable shirts. They offer, on one hand, the polished look of a classic shirt, and on the other, the comfort of a fabric that regulates perspiration. The breathable shirt offers a solution for men who want to stay elegant throughout the day. Discover the brand The Nines, which deploys this technology without sacrificing style.

What is the added value of a breathable shirt?

If you’re a pro cyclist or hiker, technical fabrics might be familiar to you. We describe them as breathable fabrics because their goal is to regulate perspiration and body heat through their fibers. Now integrated into everyday wardrobes, these fabrics allow you to stay dry despite the effort and avoid arriving at your meeting or event with massive sweat stains. Nor will you feel those unpleasant wet zones. The breathable shirt can thus be worn without fear, on any occasion, and will follow you in all your movements.

Why build your wardrobe at The Nines?

The breathable shirt technology has found a special place at The Nines. Through their technical fabric model, the brand aims to create a good breathable shirt, allowing men to be well-dressed and to feel comfortable throughout the day. With an innovative technology piece, combining a stretch and breathable fabric that’s easy to dry and iron, the shirt adapts even more to a daily life full of movements and travels. All while remaining a strong and indispensable piece in the male wardrobe, and easy to wear.

Investing in a responsible brand

With a desire to engage in a sustainable design approach, material choices are thus at the center of attention. At The Nines, certified organic double-twisted cotton has been blended with a technological fiber called Coolmax. Made from recycled plastic bottles, it has all the characteristics sought in a technical fabric. Namely, good breathability and easy maintenance.

Men's breathable shirt
©The Nines

Moreover, the material blend ensures the shirt has a good hold and wrinkles less. Thus, nothing but advantages!

Creating looks for every occasion

Don’t think a technical shirt sacrifices style! On the contrary, The Nines pays great attention to the details and finishes of its shirts. A wide variety of collars and cufflinks add character to their timeless pieces, which will accompany you on many occasions. You can also swap the suit jacket for an overshirt to give a different dimension to your outfit once the day is over.

Men's shirt and overshirt look
Ready to integrate it into your wardrobe? ©The Nines

The Nines’ aim: to offer you a breathable shirt while remaining elegant, with the philosophy of “Good style for good time”.