Quiet Luxury : quelles pièces porter pour être dans la tendance ?

Quiet Luxury: What Pieces to Wear to Be On-Trend?

Quiet Luxury: these two words have become viral in just a few seasons.

On your feed, in fashion magazines, on the runways, quiet luxury is paradoxically everywhere. It’s being talked about from all sides, and the timeless luxury aesthetic is praised by the fashion scene. 

Popularized by labels such as The Row, Quiet Luxury is thus encouraging more and more fashion enthusiasts to invest in haute couture pieces with the aim of sustainable consumption, and to enrich their wardrobe with valued clothing. 

If your budget allows, and if aesthetic sobriety catches your eye, this discreet fashion movement should interest you.
But to emulate the Quiet Luxury trend, it’s important to understand the style. For that, two pieces of advice are slipped into this article: choose the right pieces to wear and follow the pioneer brands.

Quiet Luxury Trend: When Ultra Luxury Becomes Modest

“Quiet Luxury” refers to a trend that has been making a lot of noise for a few seasons now within the fashion sphere. The concept is simple: acquire simple and minimalist looking haute couture pieces to create a tailored style.

While a few years back, luxury clothing proudly displayed symbols and logos everywhere, it’s quite different today. The “quiet luxury” fashion is sober. Any fanciful sign of distinction is eliminated, giving way to what matters most; the material, the details, and the finishes. 

This discreet luxury, albeit pricey, has carved out a prime spot among the fashion trends of the last few seasons. The minimalist sobriety is appreciated, one that honors craftsmanship, responsible consumption, and slow fashion.

Moreover, several brands have made this vision their guiding thread, elevating them to the forefront of the fashion landscape. 

How to Adopt the Quiet Luxury Style?

If the Quiet Luxury trend is making waves, it’s also largely thanks to the Succession series, which through its episodes has showcased many combinations that are as sober as they are timeless. So, if you’re interested in emulating this trend, here are two pieces of advice to follow: shop the right pieces from the right brands.

Shop Iconic Pieces 

If there’s one thing to remember to mimic the Quiet Luxury style, it’s to carefully select your pieces. And for that, there’s no need to scatter. Focus on pieces with impeccable cuts, refined hues, and unmatched quality. These chic fashion essentials that can be easily worn, twisted, and give us a clean fashion look..

These essentials are basics. But their quality is matched only by their uniqueness. A cut, a detail, a material… All these elements give the piece its value. 

Among the pieces to wear to be on-trend with Quiet Luxury, you will find: 

  • a linen or knit dress,
  • a pleated pair of trousers,
  • a pair of black sunglasses,
  • a haute couture handbag, 
  • a blazer,
  • an immaculate top,
  • a pair of loafers, 
  • etc.

Of course, the choice of shades matters. For that, favor black, white, cream, beige, or pastel hues. Prefer monochrome to prints. Play with volumes and textures, while preserving harmony. In short, a true exercise in style!

Turn to Haute Couture Brands That Embody the Quiet Luxury Vision

However, certain luxury labels have fully grasped the essence of Quiet Luxury, making their collection a playground to express this style language. To know which luxury pieces to shop to imitate this style, it is advisable to turn to the right brands. The Quiet Luxury brands, those that initiated the movement, and perpetuate the soul of sober, yet complex pieces in each of their collections.

The Row 

A pioneer of the minimalist luxury fashion scene, The Row is a precursor in the Quiet Luxury style. Founded by the Olsen sisters, the label imprints each of its textiles with a unique touch. The design is sleek, yet relaxed, and the craftsmanship is perfectly mastered. A proof that simplicity can meet delicacy effectively.


The Totême label is modern and thoughtful. The cuts are refined, and the fabrics meticulous. Yet, the label’s pieces are designed for everyday wear. Coats, trousers, sandals, tops, dresses, and even accessories, each piece perfectly embodies what quiet fashion is, but in an “everyday outfit” version.

Bottega Veneta 

A bit more pop than its peers, Bottega Veneta dares to play with materials and shades to offer a modern and luxury fashion experience. Yet, the label conveys in each of its pieces the very essence of Quiet Luxury, high-end pieces, discreet elegance, impeccable cuts, as exemplified by the brand’s iconic bag, the mini Jodie. 


A subtly low-cut black dress, a perfectly tailored black suit, a trench coat enhanced by ornamentation, a pair of meticulously detailed mules… The Khaite universe inspires accuracy. The pieces are classic, yet have a keen sense of detail.