Veste en daim : découvrez la tendance montante du printemps

Suede Jacket: Discover the Rising Trend of Spring

Spring has finally arrived, and with it, a new fashion trend that is hard to miss: the suede jacket.

This timeless wardrobe piece reinvents itself every season, and this time, it’s more on-trend than ever.

But why is the suede jacket so popular? What are the benefits of this material? And how to wear it with style?

In this article, we will explore these questions and much more, to help you incorporate the suede jacket into your spring wardrobe. Whether you are a fashion enthusiast or simply looking for a new style, this article is for you.

So, put on your favorite suede jacket and let us guide you through this must-have trend.

Suede Jacket: Key Features of a 70s Staple

The women’s suede jacket is a timeless piece that has become a major trend in the fashion world.

It is characterized by its soft and supple texture, which gives a casual and bohemian look to any outfit. And while it draws its influence from the 70s, this folk jacket has undergone numerous modifications over the years to modernize and adapt to current trends.

Although it generally remains true to its origins, designers have intentionally adjusted it. Today, it is available in a variety of colors, cuts, and styles, ranging from the classic suede jacket to sleeveless or fringed versions for a bolder look.

Indeed, with its multiple styling possibilities, the women’s suede jacket is a versatile choice for all occasions and, as we will see later, its popularity does not seem to be waning.

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Why Will the Suede Jacket Be the Rising Trend of Spring?

Like spring, the seventies suede jacket gradually emerges from the shadows to shine in broad daylight. And if you keep an eye on what’s happening in the fashion world, you will see that the suede jacket is making waves. Designers, fashion icons, and influencers have not waited to style, wear, and enhance it. The tone is set, the suede jacket will be a trend this spring.

And here are two reasons why.

Firstly, we cannot discuss suede trends without mentioning the seventies influences. Just like psychedelic patterns, flower power, checks, pop colors, and flare pants, suede was a favored material during the aesthetics of the 70s. Jackets, skirts, trousers, a good portion of the clothing was made of suede leather.

And as vintage, retro, and influences from yesteryears return to fashion, it is not surprising to see the suede jacket making a big comeback. It must also be said that it is a timeless piece with incredible charm. Its rootsy allure and material give it the advantage of bringing warmth and style to an outfit, and sometimes even a touch of extravagance, without weighing down the ensemble.

The suede jacket is somewhat the minimalist retro piece that upgrades a spring outfit.

And in this season, it’s often the vibe we seek to create a fashionable look: style, but with comfort and warmth.

Next, the return of the suede jacket is also explained by its utility. Suede leather is a material, if of quality, easy to wear, light and flexible. It keeps sufficiently warm without suffocating, making it a pleasant fiber to wear for mid-season. Finally, its appearance is generally simple, but elegant. This gives the suede jacket versatility. You can match it with many other pieces of your spring wardrobe, making it an essential of the dressing room.

How to Dress with a Suede Jacket?

How to wear the women’s suede jacket? What should we pay attention to in order to highlight the 70’s jacket without falling into the hippie cliché? Here are some suggestions that will put you on the track to a successful spring suede jacket look.

The Basic Version with Suede

If you’re afraid of overdoing it with suede, fall back on other timeless items in your wardrobe, namely a white t-shirt, raw denim, and a pair of boots. You will then be sure to wear suede correctly.

With this simple and minimalist style, you give power back to the jacket. It will be highlighted, and the other pieces will come to enhance it. It’s a winning combination.

Wearing the Suede Jacket in a Total Look

If you’re more adventurous and like to play with a total look in both colors and materials, like with the leather trend? Then, you will be conquered by the proposal of the total suede look.

Much more daring, but no less exploited by the actors of the fashion sphere, the total suede look is worn with confidence. Slip on a suede jacket that you pair with a skirt or trousers of the same material. You could also indulge in the luxury of wearing a 100% suede jumpsuit.

As the combination may seem heavy, opt for a monochrome look in nude or black for a more elegant finish.

Playing with Materials to Honor the Suede Jacket

And why not play with materials to create your own style?

We mentioned earlier that jeans go very well with suede. But there are many other materials that match with suede leather. Think of leather, this cold and smooth material that can very well counter the warmth of suede. Or linen and silk, these elegant, but especially light materials.

However, we should avoid materials like velvet or wool which would, on the contrary, weigh down the ensemble as well as the excess of bright colors or psychedelic patterns; the very symbols of the seventies spirit.

Ultimately, you can match your jacket with just about anything as long as you maintain a certain balance in the outfit’s harmony.

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