Où trouver des Chunky Boots qui dépotent ?

Where to Find Kick-Ass Chunky Boots?

The autumn season invites us to revisit our wardrobe to rediscover those pieces we’ve gently set aside during the previous months.

And what a pleasure it is to be able to wear our favorite pair of boots again. But, if you like to follow the trends, it’s likely that you’ll turn away from your classic heeled boots to bring a breath of freshness (or heaviness) to your feet.

What if I told you that it was possible with the Chunky Boots?

The real stars of the season, these chunky platform boots seem to come straight out of a Nirvana music video. Yet, they perfectly fit into the punk trend, which is very much in vogue this year.

In short, whether we love them or not, they are totally in vogue.

So, let’s zoom in on these XXL boots: the Chunky Boots, to better understand them, and to know where to shop your next pair of platform boots.

Chunky Boots: description of a rebellious piece

What are Chunky Boots?

Recognizable at first glance, Chunky Boots are black and massive boots. They tend to be associated with military boots or rangers, but they stand out due to a maxi platform sole.

Sometimes, they are also adorned with rock’n’roll details like straps, big laces, or even zippers.

The Chunky Boots are therefore big boots, as the name “chunky” indeed indicates. They are high, but not too much, and reach mid-calf. 

Finally, the Chunky is definitely a strong piece in the wardrobe whose outfit should not be taken lightly, at the risk of making a significant fashion faux pas.

From XXL trend to Punk fashion, there’s only the Chunky

In terms of style, the platform boot swings between two strong trends of the season, Punk fashion and the Oversize trend.

Punk fashion, because the Chunky Boots are nothing but a reflection of boldness, rebellion, and avant-gardism. The platform boot wonderfully appropriates the codes from the 70s to the 90s with its minimalism, rock side, leather, and the black hue that characterizes it so much.

But that’s not all. 

The Chunky also represents the XXL trend, because let’s face it, there’s nothing minimalist about this boot. It’s voluminous, massive, and the platform is huge. We are right in excess and extravagance. With the chunky, we are far from impeccable wardrobes with linear pieces and tailored cuts. No, the XXL boot is decidedly cool, a bit nonconformist, and definitely fashionable!

How to Wear Chunky Boots: A Guide

When a piece is strong and bold, we tread lightly in how we wear it. 

It’s like with pink, the trendy color of the season, we don’t dress just any how, at the risk of straying a bit too far off the beaten path, and looking like anything but a fashion icon. 

Well, the same rule applies to a pair of platform boots. Before wearing them, think about your outfit as a whole to balance the ensemble, and harmonize the proportions. 

Typically, we avoid frills and extravagances with the Chunky, since by definition, it’s already “out-of-the-norm”. Instead, we opt for basics like jeans, a t-shirt, a blazer, a knit dress, or a pleated skirt, which counterbalance the boot’s eccentricity. 

In its maximalism, the platform boot matches perfectly with a minimalist look. It’s paradoxical, but if we take a step back, we realize that this combo is the perfect balance for a coherent outfit. 

Where to Find Chunky Boots? 5 Pieces to Shop on Modalova

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Leather Rangers by Prada – 1250 euros
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Boots by Bottega Veneta – 933 euros
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Leather Booties by Miu Miu – 920 euros
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Boots by Sergio Rossi – 795 euros
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Leather Booties by Jonak – 175 euros
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Flat Boots by Other Stories – 82,75 euros

➡️ And you, which pair of Chunky Boots will you fall for?

And as trends never sail alone, don’t miss out on another pair of autumnal shoes very much appreciated this season, the platform babies. However, if you prefer to play it classic, a good pair of women’s loafers will be enough to be trendy for the fall.

Header image: © Sandra Semburg