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Which Jacket to Wear with a Men’s Cardigan?

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How to dress with a men’s cardigan and a jacket will no longer be a secret for you. With the tips and outfit ideas that we will scrutinize, wearing a cardigan will become your go-to style in winter or mid-season. Although, sometimes, wearing a cardigan on cool summer mornings won’t be unwelcome.

Adopting an outfit with a cardigan as the centerpiece is more than trendy in the fashion sphere. Being a kind of long-sleeve pullover that opens in the front, the cardigan is not only practical. It also adds character to your style, and provides more comfort. And then, a jacket and cardigan combo is simply classy!

What is the difference between a cardigan and a jacket?

A little tour in fashion decryption will be useful to wear a cardigan well. Indeed, knowing how to differentiate the characteristics of men’s cardigans and jackets is an added advantage to easily match them.

Differentiating the cardigan and the jacket by their cut

The jacket is a long-sleeve garment worn on the upper body. It opens in the front and its length does not go below the hips. Generally, it is worn over clothes, but in winter, wearing a coat over it is not too much to stay well-protected from the cold.

As for the men’s cardigan, it is a long-sleeve garment that fastens in the front, either with buttons or a zipper. Depending on the model, it may or may not have a hood.

Moreover, we help you in this guide to know how to wear a long men’s cardigan.

The material: a key point to differentiate them

Based on these descriptions, the jacket is in every way similar to a cardigan. The difference is in the material. While the jacket comes in a thousand and one materials, the cardigan is made of knit, generally knit or jersey. The most popular materials are natural fibers, especially wool, cashmere, or merino wool.

As a side note, the cardigan is often assimilated to a vest. However, there is indeed a difference between the cardigan and the vest. The vest can be sleeveless, whereas the cardigan always has long sleeves.

Our tips for pairing a men’s cardigan with a jacket

Adopting an outfit composed of a jacket and a men’s cardigan is synonymous with elegance and style. For a top look and a perfect combination of these outfits, follow the guide:

Choose a piece that highlights your body shape

Choosing a men’s cardigan that fits your body shape adds a plus to your style.

  • You are tall: opt for a chunky knit cardigan and/or a bold pattern
  • You are short: opt for a basic solid color cardigan.
  • You are round: avoid fine knit and tight cardigans
  • You are slim: all cuts and styles suit you! Just make sure to button up to highlight your silhouette

Bet on the colors of the cardigan

When wearing a cardigan with a jacket, you should know that the patterns and colors of men’s cardigans can make a difference. Between fashion faux pas and trend, the line can be thin!

  • For a fine and solid cardigan: a wide range of colors is acceptable. However, we recommend choosing electric blue or mustard yellow to pair with a more sober jacket: a touch of pep’s guaranteed!
  • For a thick cashmere wool cardigan with a shawl collar or a high collar: avoid flashy colors. Instead, opt for navy blue, brown, light beige, or gray like this model from Tom Ford.

Use knits, patterns, and colors to enhance your look

To create a chic and elegant effect, pair a fine knit cardigan in a sober color (navy blue, gray, black, etc.) with a light-colored jacket.

For a casual effect, do not hesitate to pair a chunky knit cardigan with a denim jacket.

When it comes to patterns, go for more contemporary patterns like color-block or camo for a trendy look. Opt for Nordic or Fair Isle patterns for a more laid-back look.

Attention: Avoid pairing a patterned men’s cardigan with a printed top. Ideally, simply pair a patterned cardigan with a solid jacket, or vice versa, a printed jacket with a solid cardigan.

Our top men’s cardigan looks to pair with a jacket

After choosing the right men’s cardigan, here are some outfit ideas to pair it with a jacket:

An elegant and dressy look in a cardigan

For an evening where a dressy outfit is required, the jacket and cardigan combo will not fail to impress. For an elegant look, make sure to choose a fine knit cardigan in a sober color. You can choose between gray, navy blue, and why not black. For a touch of elegance, opt for a chambray shirt underneath and a suit jacket over it. For the bottom, choose chino pants and a pair of leather tassel loafers.

 A casual chic look in a cardigan and jacket

For this look, wear a chunky knit men’s cardigan with a shirt, a light-colored jacket, slim jeans, and a pair of leather or suede boots.

Know that the shirt is the quintessential piece to accompany this look. Ideally, opt for a chambray shirt, a denim shirt, or even a checkered shirt.

A relaxed look in a cardigan

For a relaxed look, choose a zipped cardigan with a hood. Inside, opt for a t-shirt. Wearing a t-shirt with a bold or quirky pattern, your look will definitely stand out for its originality. Just avoid V-neck t-shirts, too tight or with a coarse neckline. Over the cardigan, choose a sleeveless jacket. Then, complete your outfit with tapered jeans and a pair of low-top sneakers. A pair of transparent sunglasses won’t be too much to enhance your look.

Discover more men’s cardigan styles in this comprehensive guide!