Robe midi chic pour mariage

Ceremony outfit: How to wear a midi dress to a wedding?

In the era of unions under flowery arches, communions and other celebrations, finding the right ceremony outfit is the top priority. In order to avoid the headaches of matching and harmonizing different pieces, the midi dress is the perfect solution! Discover our tips below on how to wear it well.

How to create the perfect ceremony outfit?

We all know that moment of immense joy when receiving a wedding invitation, followed by a wave of panic of “what am I going to wear?”. Reusing pieces from your wardrobe? Renting an outfit specifically for the occasion? Or buying a new outfit? So many questions run through our minds… Between cut, color and fabric, many choices need to be made.

Ceremony dress
Create an elegant ceremony outfit. Source: Christine Laure

The most important thing when creating a ceremony outfit is to be consistent with the event. Start thinking about shades and patterns in order to be elegant without stealing the spotlight from the people for whom the celebration is taking place. If the invitation mentions a color code, take it into account to guide your choices. Opting for plain and soft colors will allow you to wear your pieces on other occasions, and thus have a more responsible approach.

Then comes the moment to choose the pieces for your outfit. Dress, skirt, jumpsuit, suit? The most important thing is to feel comfortable in your ceremony outfit. Let’s say you don’t like showing your legs, in this case you can wear a chic 7/8 pantsuit with a coordinated jacket, to play with an elegant total look that remains feminine, even without revealing your legs. Another solution, to keep a airy feel, is to opt for a midi dress!

Midi dress: definition

The midi dress is a bit of a solution when you can’t decide between a short dress or a long dress. Ending between the knees and ankles, it allows you to wear a dress even if you don’t like showing your knees, without opting for a long version, which is not suitable for all silhouettes. In recent years, midi skirts and dresses have allowed many women to reconnect with these pieces, especially to create beautiful ceremony looks.

In addition, this cut offers many variations, adjusting to different silhouettes. From a simple and straight model to a more elaborate version with crossed voile panels.

How to style a midi dress for a chic look?

The advantage of a dress, let’s admit it, is the simplicity of creating a look. It’s up to you to play with accessories, such as belts, to adjust the dress to your waist. It goes well with both flat sandals and heels, choose the pair that will follow you all night long on the dance floor. Depending on the model, a small crochet cardigan can be added in case of a cool breeze. Just add some jewelry and a small handbag, and your ceremony outfit is complete!

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