comment bien s'habiller en été avec des espadrilles pour femmes

How to (properly) dress in summer with women’s espadrilles?

Choosing a pair of shoes suitable for summer is not the easiest task, is it?

In the middle of July and August, we often leave our shoes aside to let our little feet breathe. And even though our feet appreciate the fresh air and the gentle warmth of the sand, we can question ourselves about style, right?

Which pair of shoes should we choose to be stylish and comfortable this summer? What type of trendy shoe is best suited for the summer season? Which shoe manages to combine elegance and casualness?

Thinking about these questions, a type of shoe came to mind: espadrilles for women!

The quintessential summer sandal, the espadrille is a Basque product that has reflected craftsmanship and tradition for generations. Today, it is part of those timeless pairs that are good to have in your wardrobe or take in your suitcase. Like a basic shoe, espadrilles appeal to both fashionistas at the cutting edge of trends and fifty-year-olds for whom shoes must be comfortable above all.

While it is timeless, the question is how to wear it. Because even though it suits several profiles and occasions, it is still important to know how to highlight it.

How do you choose it? What are the selection criteria? What do you wear it with? We answer all of that in this comprehensive mini guide.

A brief overview of espadrilles: characteristics and advantages

Characterized as iconic vacation shoes, espadrilles evoke the sun, the beach, and the sea spray. And precisely, we appreciate them for what they remind us of: our beautiful memories of a summer spent by the seaside.

Beyond this symbolism, espadrilles are also shoes that are perfectly suited to the summer season. Made of cotton canvas and mounted on a rope sole, they are lightweight and breathable, keeping the feet neither suffocated nor sweaty. A major advantage when you want to wear closed women’s shoes in summer.

However, pay attention to the weather. Check the forecast before going out with your trendy women’s espadrilles, as this type of shoe does not like water.

Here’s what we love about espadrilles:

  • they are practical shoes: for strolling in a picturesque village or going to the beach while adopting a casual yet sophisticated look, they are the ideal shoe. They are lightweight, very easy to put on, and take up very little space. If you’re afraid of running out, this is the type of shoe you can easily take several pairs of in your suitcase.

💡By the way, it’s typically the kind of piece to bring for creating a summer capsule collection.

  • its unique style: despite its casual appearance, women’s espadrilles are shoes that embody authenticity. With espadrilles, there’s no faking it! And it’s this little character trait that gives them their value.
  • its versatility: even though it is perfect for a casual beach look, espadrilles can also be worn with a more sophisticated outfit. In this case, they subtly enhance your outfits. They surprise us where we least expect it, and we love that!

How to choose women’s espadrilles?

Which women’s espadrilles should you go for?

What criteria should you base your choice on when choosing the espadrilles that you will fall in love with and that will accompany you on your summer adventures?

First, opt for a pair of high-quality women’s espadrilles. Since the shoe is made from natural materials such as cotton canvas and rope, make sure you feel comfortable in them. If you choose a low-quality pair, you could suffer from irritation, especially if you walk for a long time. Our advice? Turn to artisan labels that have mastered their craftsmanship or specialized shoe brands.

Next, your choice will also depend on the color. You will find many options: from lighter shades to bold colors like red or orange. If you want to blend in with the beach atmosphere, prefer light tones that evoke the sea, the sea air, the sand, and so on: white and shades of blue are safe choices for that. Otherwise, you can also choose to wear colorful women’s espadrilles. It’s a way to “break” a classic or minimalist outfit. Ultimately, there are no real rules, except to respect your desires and a certain coherence for your outfit.

Finally, you need to decide on the type of espadrille. If you thought that espadrilles only existed in one form, you are mistaken. Time has shaped this unique shoe to flourish in different forms. I have identified three main types of espadrilles for women:

  • Flat espadrilles: these are the classics, the ones that have made espadrilles what they are and that we love for their authenticity and the scents of the Basque Country. They are simple, even minimalist, and that’s why we love them. They are suitable for many summer occasions, and with flat espadrilles on your feet, you always look stylish without pretending otherwise.
  • Wedge espadrilles: women love them for their comfort and elegance. Better than high heels, they allow you to dance all night without hurting your feet, and better than a classic sandal, they inevitably give character to a summer outfit. Paired with a dress that highlights the waist and a basket, wedge espadrilles create a perfect summer look!
  • Contemporary espadrilles: this is the revamped version of classic espadrilles. Often flat, the contemporary espadrille stands out with the details it sports, which we are not used to seeing on a classic espadrille. A small bow on the front, patterns, leather toe, or 100% leather espadrilles, laces, glitter… Depending on the brands, the espadrille can be completely reinvented. This may displease traditionalists.

How to wear women’s espadrilles? 3 inspirations

Casual espadrilles by the seaside

To create a beautiful casual summer outfit, espadrilles are the epitome of casualness. In this case, the shoe perfectly complements a lightweight outfit in which you feel comfortable and well-dressed.

For example, the linen shirt look that reveals your swimsuit, navy cotton voile pants, and a pair of cream espadrilles works very well. But you can also match your women’s espadrilles with shorts and a cropped top or an ecru dress with spaghetti straps and a V-shaped neckline in the back. The idea to sport a simple yet stylish beach outfit is to rely on basics. They are practical to put on while being a safe choice for building a coherent outfit.

Discover 3 models of flat women’s espadrilles:

espadrilles jean modalova 3 scaled
Miu Miu denim espadrilles – 500 euros
espadrilles michael michael kors lenny espadrille 40s1lnfp8d champagne Modalova e1659010377830
Michael Kors espadrilles – 109 euros
espadrilles vero moda vmmira espadrille 10245126 tan Modalova e1659010167923
Vero Moda espadrilles – 23 euros

Wedge espadrilles for a city outing

Another occasion, another espadrille.

As mentioned earlier, espadrilles are also available in a wedge version. Here, they are worn like high-heeled shoes. They inevitably add a touch of elegance to the outfit, but without overdoing it. With this type of shoe, you stay in a casual atmosphere, but with style. Match them with lightweight pants such as linen pants or voile pants: it’s a safe choice. But with a dress, that’s where they will shine!

For a perfect little Parisian look, wedge espadrilles like to be paired with a form-fitting dress that accentuates the silhouette and delicately reveals your neckline. This very feminine outfit works for a morning trip to the market or an afternoon strolling through the streets of a small village in the south of France.

Here are 3 models of wedge women’s espadrilles to shop:

espadrilles prada modalova
Prada wedge espadrilles – 610 euros
espadrilles chloe modalova
Chloé Glyn leather espadrilles – 211 euros
espadrilles compens es daishie 552729401 Modalova e1659011516546
Minelli wedge espadrilles – 100 euros

Rebellious espadrilles to counterbalance a slightly (too) strict outfit

If you’re the type who likes to break the rules, you can dare to wear espadrilles as a rebellious piece. With their casual style, they will be very audacious with a little summer suit or a fitted jacket.

The idea here is to pair them with a stricter, straight, and sleek outfit. And it works because it allows you to rebalance the outfit, especially if you wear this type of outfit in the middle of summer, a time of year when we particularly enjoy looser, more flexible, and lighter pieces to sport a chill style.

You can wear dressed women’s espadrilles or luxury women’s espadrilles with this type of outfit. And as for colors, it all depends on the outfit you’re wearing. But keep in mind to respect a certain balance.

Here are three models to shop:

espadrilles louboutin modalova
Christian Louboutin Nanoletta espadrilles – 650 euros
sandales saint laurent modalova
Saint Laurent printed canvas espadrilles – 550 euros
espadrilles gucci modalova
Gucci Interlocking G canvas espadrilles – 520 euros

➡️ So, would you have bet on women’s espadrilles to be stylish this summer?

💡 And to perfect your summer look, read our article on beach outfits, and you’ll understand that the swimsuit is not the only fashionable piece to wear.

Featured image: © Unsplash/Apostolos Vamvouras