robe boheme rouge pour femme ronde

The step-by-step guide to choosing a trendy and chic bohemian dress for plus-size women!

To choose a bohemian dress for plus-size women, there are several factors to consider. Whether they are loose, fitted at the bust, brightly colored or dark, careful analysis is needed.

Known for its casual style, it is important to choose a bohemian dress for plus-size women in order to achieve the desired effect.

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The bohemian dress for plus-size women in a few words…

  • Where does it come from?

The Bohemian, Boohoo or Boho style appeared during the French Revolution in the 14th century. Accused of having a shabby and unkempt lifestyle, the bohemians of that time dressed in so-called “second-hand” clothes.

Leading a nomadic lifestyle, they were forced to dress comfortably and loosely. Gradually, the wave of fashion evolution brought new style trends and increasingly focused on comfort.

Thus, the style formerly considered “shabby” of the bohemians became a fashion trend of the counterculture that advocates for freedom, fluidity, and comfort.

Plus-size woman wearing a bohemian dress.
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  • What about its fabric?

As mentioned earlier, the bohemian dress combines fluidity, comfort, and freedom. Therefore, it is generally a long dress with a high waist and made of fairly lightweight material. It’s a bit like a beach dress.

So, choose light fabrics such as cotton voile, chiffon, lightweight viscose, guipure, or other transparent materials like lace. For example, English embroidery, crepe, lace, and silk fabric are good choices for this style.

To stay true to the spirit of freedom, make sure that your patterns and colors reflect this ideology. A beautiful white dress or other light neutral color, such as beige, are good ideas. Or opt for fairly light colors to stay in line with the theme. As for patterns, flowers, small butterflies, polka dots, or small feathers perfectly symbolize freedom.

Plus-size woman wearing a mid-length bohemian dress with long sleeves.
Gold mid-length dress from Asos Curve

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  • The ideal color and cut of the bohemian dress for plus-size women:

Obviously, you can choose the color and patterns of your choice. However, try to avoid animal prints and overly bold stripes as much as possible. The cut of the dress itself is tailored to the morphology of plus-size women.

Its loose fit, short, long, or ¾ flared sleeves, and flouncy skirt are excellent ways to camouflage curves. On the other hand, with its defined waist, it slightly emphasizes the chest and hides the stomach.

For a better look, opt for artisanal accessories, bits of lace and guipure here and there, and a pair of wedges or pumps. Ideally, wear high-heeled shoes. But exceptionally for this style, you can opt for sandals.

Plus-size woman wearing a bohemian dress with floral patterns.
Floral print dress from Yours

The guide to historical brands for buying your bohemian dress for plus-size women!

Needle & Thread

The essential brand for bohemian dresses for plus-size women. Known for its quality, it offers beautiful dresses in all styles. In terms of chic bohemian fashion, it offers beautiful lace dresses in colors such as peach pink, purple, sky blue, and others. Long sleeves, short sleeves, round necks, boat necks, V-necks, and more.

Floral prints and elegant patterns are its specialty. The brand offers models for all occasions and for all women. Whether it’s summer dresses or others, they can satisfy your taste.


This brand offers bohemian dresses in dual fabrics and other affordable models. For example, it offers asymmetrical models with Aztec-style hemlines, buttoned-up dresses. You can find two-tone models, solid colors as well as patterned dresses.

Newchic offers a wide range of neckline cuts such as plunging necklines and square necks. Whether it’s fitted models, belted dresses, dresses with tie cords, or blouse-like dresses, you can find a wide variety of bohemian dresses to your liking. You can find the bohemian dress for plus-size women that will melt your heart.

Plus-size woman wearing a short orange bohemian dress.
© NewChic


This brand offers models with thin straps, tank top-like bohemian styles, short dresses, mid-length dresses, and maxi dresses.


Selfsow offers wrap-style models, wrap dresses, dresses with puff sleeves and shoulders that will dazzle your eyes. Prefer models with a bare look? You will find lace-up dresses, backless dresses, off-the-shoulder dresses, as well as cut-out models. There are also beautiful dresses in all colors to suit all tastes.

Asos Curve

Asos Curve offers various cuts, models, and styles of dresses. As for its ready-to-wear bohemian dress collection, it offers a range of sexy, elegant, and trendy models. Plenty to fill your wardrobe.

Plus-size woman wearing a pleated long bohemian dress.
© Asos Curve

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